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Only have like four aircraft that I'm really proud of but whatever

Some cool stuff

Important pls read
There are many forum posts detailing how to not get upvotes, for instance, no description, bad thumbnail, or default paint job. However, all of these become obsolete when you bring the golden strategy into play: Uploading your plane as a link to the xml file in the forums. Advantages include only 2 points for an upvote, no thumbnail at all, little to no description (optional), and making the download process harder, amongst others.

"Would you like bad 3d modelling software?"

sp players: no

"What about a bad physics sim?"

sp players: still no

"What about both combined?"

sp players: I'll take your entire stock

My discord is Glück#3419

sci fi art is cool

whomst has awoken formatting hell

Eventually will be known as Felptagonist Tarsicus Shrimples