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Making flying madness since 2015.
16 y.o., Kiev, Ukraine.

Aircraft. Fierce aircraft. Shattered rocks. Cold winds and severe storms of Alaska. Missile strikes. Destroyer fleets. Mixed powerplants. Diplomacy. Corruption. Bureucracy. Tank fight. Fast, fierce, like a storm. Abadoned airfields. Artifical intilligence. New forms of life. Born and dead the same time. People, loving and loved, or devastated, betrayed by everyone. Deadlocked. Tracer lines. Attacks. And then silence.

Welcome to the Phase One.

The story of pilots and their planes fighting for their glory and freedom, while behind them a new, brave world is being formed with a few drops of a green oily liquid...

Inspired by various Sci-fi and the SimpleWar Roleplay, this story is the aim of my life. Well, one of.

I actually work on it with @Nef680, @fizmat, @DimaKosheleff and @Treadmill103

So a little about me:

Into engeneering, models and legos. My biggest model is a 40cm PE-8, but the most models are WWII tanks.

Sometimes i render SP crafts

ZNO can be fun.

I write poems sometimes.

I am a student of Mala Akademia Nauk (MAN, Minor Academy of Sciences)

I fly a MIG on an aircraft simulator.

Once I've won the astronomy olympiad of Kyiv (also i have a prize in WRO Ukraine!)

I've never succeeded in flying a model plane

Half of my family worked on Antonov

My grand-grandpa was a train driver

My main interests here are warbirds (HMA style too!), warships, medium tanks, flying ships, and steam engines

My computer holds together with duct tape (and it crashes when trying to open RailFanEthan's bio)

In love with machines, still have to learn loving people.

P.S. I love tea even more then Treadmill103 does. 6 cups per day? Easy.