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Making flying madness since 2015.
16 y.o., Kiev, Ukraine.

Aircraft. Fierce aircraft. Shattered rocks. Cold winds and severe storms of Alaska. Missile strikes. Destroyer fleets. Mixed powerplants. Diplomacy. Corruption. Bureucracy. Tank fight. Fast, fierce, like a storm. Abadoned airfields. Artifical intilligence. New forms of life. Born and dead the same time. People, loving and loved, or devastated, betrayed by everyone. Deadlocked. Tracer lines. Attacks. And then silence.

Welcome to the Phase One.

The story of pilots and their planes fighting for their glory and freedom, while behind them a new, brave world is being formed with a few drops of a green oily liquid...

Inspired by various Sci-fi and the SimpleWar Roleplay, this story is the aim of my life. Well, one of.

I actually work on it with @Nef680, @fizmat, @DimaKosheleff and @Treadmill103

Upcoming projects:

SimpleRenders. A series of CGs based on SimpleWar RP.


OAR Lavina. A heavy-duty diesel locomotive

H.M.A. Divine Whirlwind
Status: complete

SA-4S8. A special design for Nef680's birthday. Status:mid.

H.M.A. Recon Raider. Heavy recon seaplane.

Aeroprakt-22. Status: early.

H.M.A. Mail plane - a military reserve aircraft of His Majesty Aircraft universe, shortly prepared for combat. Stage: in papers.

Project Z. An Israel aircraft-carrying cruiser. Collab with @ShockRF. Stage: mid, conserved

L.G.S. Rattanat - a support vessel for H.M.A. universe. While being an armoured transport, it can also provide long range artillery support. Status: planned.

"S.A.: Artem's Aircraft". When the most unusual and strange design bureau starts a new project, what in the world can go wrong? Everything can.
Status: Russian - complete. English - translation in process (3/11).

"The Survivor". The story of post-war terrains, where a fearless survivor tries to escape with a scrap-made plane. Status: 2/3 finished. Only in Russian.

"His Majesty Aircraft". While a powerful enemy fleet engage the peaceful royal lands, a young girl starts her way to the skies, wishing to become once a High Guard pilot once, as is her brother... Status: 3/8-12 chapters

"Project N, or Lolis, Mechas and World War 3"
Collab with @DimaKosheleff, @WilliamBoeing, @Tyleen and others. Visual novel of pure madness. 1/4 text made, CGs - early.

P.S. I love tea even more then Treadmill103 does. 6 cups per day? Easy.