HMA Royal Guardian 7

by   39.6k GenrichTitov  2 months ago

"The spears of heaven!"

phase: two/ His Majesty Aircraft
Affilation: His Majesty High Guard

No specific comtrols. To be safe, just try to go faster than 140 mph. 25% for landing.
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Name: Guardian Seven
Reporting name: Guardian Seven; 107
Primary role: fighter leader
Secondary role: interceptor, catapult fighter
Max speed at 10k ft: 380 mph
Weight: 8k ibs aprox
Guns: 2x10.5 mm Standard Two/ 400 bullets each
1x42mm Stinger Mk.1/ 40 bullets
Engines: 2x Serpent Type D85
Primary base: Battleship Cove, Innada
Flown by: Marshall Irden Istra
Built by: Pacific Arsenal of Atsave

Not all of His Majesty Aircraft are scrapbuilt. The best pilots of the kingdom, the tweve Marshalls recieve a Guardian. Each built individually, these planes employ a specific livery with gold plating and well-polished surfaces. Designed to lead pther planes into battle, these aircraft are equipped with radio retranslators to contact the command ship. The marks represent the pilot's service achievement: blue leaves mean promotions (1-Corporal, 2-Captain, 3-Chief Captain, 4-Marshall, 5-General) while brown leaves represent aerial victories (No conflicts occured by the time this aircraft was spotted, so none can be seen).

Rised the sun above shattered, torn rocks, above burning red waters, and there the day started. Rocky shores stretching hungreds miles around those little, distant and diverse islands through the whole oceans. Dangerous reefs stretched between them in strange shapes. And the whole terrain was in burning reddish cours, brought by the sunset.
This early time, when the world only awakes, His Majesty Battleship Supremacy set off on it's regular patrol. The shiny, silver-covered from the keels to gun barrels ship stretched one eigth of a mile, driven by a severe diesel engine at twenty knots. She seemed higher then the nearest island's peeks, though, that wasn't far from the truth. Six dual-barrel main battery turrets, four at the front and two at the rear, coated with two golden stripes each rised above the hull, with barrels elevated high forming a dangerous and powerful look. The whole ship had a look as it was, without a doubt, able to protect His Majesty land from any rival, and it was what she was built for. The power vibrated and shined in the sillouette, long and sleek, like a stilette. A powerful and wide radar turret had been slowly spinning on the top of the ship's superstructure, observing the ocean and land surface twenty miles around. Six thin, arc-shaped graceful beams supported the radar deck and bounded the superstructure, which looked simular to the one of the Old World cruisers, but with a severe-armed substructure in front of it, packed with secondary gun barbets. Simular guns were set up lower, above the main armour belt, while some secondaries were also set near the main caliber in small turrets.
The floating fortress kept it way across the slightly reddish seas, when an obstacle was seeked on the radar. At first, it seemed a rock or an islet, but then, it was discovered that it was moving. And moving fast.
The object turned out to be a ship, long and thin, with a clipper-like nose and some boxy structures on it's rear. And, what was the most surprising, with sails. Thin, triangular sails set up through the whole hull, except the boxes. Whoever needs sails when diesel-powered ships rule across the seas?
Opened the boxes, and a boat was lifted out of there, and then put down in the water. It was tiny, thin, without any superstructure, made out of some yellowish metal. It was dropped down in the water with a noticeable splash, and slowly started to the battleship. It set off quite gently, but as far as the unknown vessel was approaching, it moved faster and faster, producing an enormous trail for it's size.
When it was close enough, the main guns started turning, whereas the secondary battery was already aimed. And the batlleship fired with a salvo of yellowish tracers, that had fallen close to the approaching boat. The bullets exploded, shattering the water around, and finally the water was calm. No trails or remainings of the boat.
This one was knocked off, but others were approaching, faster, leaving even greater trails. A cloud of steam rose above the enemy ship, covering it almost entirely.
The gunners were ready. Fired the secondaries, and then with a great rumble cried the main battery. It shaked the battleship, kicking it a meter back. A tide rose at the direction of fire, while twelve bright tracers dashed to their target - the unknown ship. They arched, reaching kilometers above ground, and then fell hardly onto the target. No hit could be detected through the cloud of bright white steam, and new boats ran out, approaching fast. They moved a little southern, but in one moment, the boats performed a very sharp turn towards HMS Supremacy, leaving a long beam trail. And then they spreaded around, driving away each other, and dashed forward to the battleship, tremendously increasung their velocity. At the moment the secondaries fired, and bullets exploded near two boats at west, shattering one and tipping over another one. The remaining boat drifted, doing a sharp turn and tipped over too, erupting a cloud of smoke. And then it sunk fast. Still, others were on their way, and a furious rumble of the main guns performing a full salvo shook the sea. Fired again the secondaries, destroying a boat, but they couldn't handle it. There were too much.
The enemy vessel appeared from the cloud of steam, shattered, heavily damaged, with remarkable torn holes from explosions, but still alive. And then the salvo reached it, with only a few hits, with other resulting in near miss, but this couldn't sink her either. Fired again the secondaries, wrecking a few more boats, but others were on their way.
A boat approached very close, moving slover then before, like it was out of fuel, and the trail became smaller, but still large. A small cockit could be seen on the front, with an array of tiny square windows, a spoiler with large rudders seemed on the end, and some armour plating could be seen on it's rear. This tiny vessel was close, as close as the secondary guns couldn't tilt down to reach it. It rolled to the nose, aligning a little, and touched the battleship very soft.
And it exploded tremendously, erupting in a cloud of steam and fire, whereas different parts stroke the secondary guns and torn apart their barrels. The massive left anchor fell down, and when the steam passed off a huge hole could be seen. Water ran fast inside, and ship's different increased dramatically, while another boat hit the rear, jamming the rudder.
Water broke inside the engine room, wrecking the doors and gripping the technicians in it's cold blue arms...
The roll to left was dramatic, and all the secondaries were underwater. Gold plating slowly gone down, leaving in the cold sea forever. When the deck was underwater, the main battery fired the last time, and yellow tracers arched gracefully up, and falling hardly onto their target, wrecking it apart.
The battleship's catapult turned right, and an airplane, gold-plated as the battleship itself wund up it's jet engines and started off above lifeboats, trying to save the crew, most of which had been buried inside the ship's engine room and turrets. The plane ran a circle around the wreck and headed east, hovering above the reddish sea of that burning dawn, while the ship laid on it's left and went to the bottom.
The Captain stayed on his post on the top of Supremacy's superstructure forever, going down woth his ships and 400 sailors, locked in numerous chambers of the flagship…


General Characteristics

  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 38.0ft (11.6m)
  • Length 47.8ft (14.6m)
  • Height 9.8ft (3.0m)
  • Empty Weight 7,477lbs (3,391kg)
  • Loaded Weight 9,676lbs (4,389kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 0.696
  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.206
  • Wing Loading 41.6lbs/ft2 (203.1kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 232.6ft2 (21.6m2)
  • Drag Points 6191


  • Number of Parts 268
  • Control Surfaces 7
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