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Hello! Welcome to GT3TobyRS

I sadly don't play Simpleplanes anymore. I might get back into it soon, but I have lost interest for now. I am now focusing my energy into making content for my semi successful YouTube Channel, DiecastNZ. This channel is about collecting and hunting for Hot Wheels diecast cars.

Here is my old bio:

I am a happy user who loves to help people with builds.
If you need any help, just ask!

I live in New Zealand
I Joined SimplePlanes in 2016, and I was playing for a while before that.
I make whatever I feel like making normally, sometimes it will be a car, boat or plane! I like making fictional things, but I do make replicas sometimes, and when I do, they are really good cough that's what he thinks cough. I do not have an upload schedule, so don't expect creations regularly.
If you would like to see my previous builds, hit that "posts" button!
Continued Bio in this plane's description. (click the "read more" button).

I have a YouTube channel, KiwiRC,
where me and my brother do Radio Controlled Aircraft, car, and sometimes boat videos. KiwiRC also has a Discord Server! <-- click here for invite link.

and my Hot Wheels And Diecast one (My Main One): LINK**

NEXT BUILD (ongoing)
Who Knows? Suggest a build to me here

Something from deep inside the Aerotech Shed

Flying Airport Departure Symbol

Cancelled/postponed builds: Porsche 935-78 'Moby Dick' (Needs complete re-do. I don't know what to do with it.)

Off-Road Vehicles: Scorpion™ Ltd. (Base model: The SCORPION)
Vehicles: Mostly Porsche
Aircraft: Aerotech™ Ltd.

I hope you enjoyed my profile!
Congrats if you read this far....
Have a great day mate!