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As always, I have no idea

Do you still want to read this? Anyone else reads this?

Okay, I'll write something...

My mind always is so empty, that I have no idea what to write ...

Okay, so let's go (I can not believe you're really reading this). Let's start with my ethnicity, I'm Brazilian (I live in Distrito Federal) I think I should be described as a 16-year-old ligth-brown skin boy with 1.75 in height with black hair. I'm not a fan of football (as many of you should think) and I do not live in the Amazon (many of them must also think that I live in a forest and always live with monkeys :D) and PLEASE in brazil do not speak SPANISH but PORTUGUESE hehe

I like to make cars. I make a lot of aviation but I dont publish 90% of them (because most are simple planes) I usually publish 90% of the cars I make and 10% of the planes I make because I always choose the best ones or the best ideas

Generally when I follow someone and to give Upvote in everything he publishes (I know that this is not happening excuse, but that I have a lot of school work to do Etc.).

I go into the game in the morning and at night because I'm studying in the afternoon.

I think that's all...

Finally a save for all the friends of North America and South America and Europe and Oceania and Asia and Antartica. Thanks for the Gold and for this wonderful game that amuses me so many hours THANK YOU :D