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Yes. I will get back into uploading soon. I have work.

Hi. I can't even remember the date I made this account. I joined after months of jamesPLANESii nagging me to get Sp and I finally did.
The reason I am called FuzzyAircraftProductions: I make movies (Which I will one day put on YouTube) and my 'film company' is Fuzzy Camera Productions. This is probably because of the crappy focus of my old camera.

Incase you are wondering, as my sub account is a duck and this one isn't, I am a New Zealander.

I like Dinosaurs (as you probably guessed)

-Crappy screenshots
-My Helio Courier
-The below 10 parts challenge
-Not building planes properly.
-My Cessna 185

Welcome to LIBRA CORP tm
This is a new Australian company (screw you, flat-earthers! Pull your heads out of the toilet!). We build utility vehicles. The logo is my profile pic. The selection of vehicles is very wide. Planes, cars, boats, Quad-bikes and a caravans.

Sorry about the slow pace. I'm back to building now. uploads soon.

Current builds:

Future projects:
Libra Tractor
electric car...

This is the link to my sub-account:

See ya peeps!