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Hi. I can't even remember the date I made this account. I joined after months of jamesPLANESii nagging me to get Sp and I finally did.
The reason I am called FuzzyAircraftProductions: I make movies (Which I will one day put on YouTube) and my 'film company' is Fuzzy Camera Productions. This is probably because of the crappy focus of my old camera.

I like Dinosaurs (as you probably guessed)

-Crappy screenshots
-My Helio Courier
-The below 10 parts challenge
-Not building planes properly.
-My Cessna 185

Welcome to LIBRA CORP tm
This is a new Australian company (screw you, flat-earthers! Pull your heads out of the toilet!). We build utility vehicles. The logo is my profile pic. The selection of vehicles is very wide. Planes, cars, boats, Quad-bikes and a caravans.

Sorry about the slow pace of my current projects. I'm working on two huge projects at once.

Current builds:
B 668 Skylord Mk1 fighter plane (fictional)
Libra Taipan (fictional)
RNZAF No. 75 squadron Lancaster bomber (replica)

Future projects:
D.D.D.S (replica/ sim. Will reveal actual name when finished!)

This is the link to my sub-account:

See ya peeps!