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Hewo peep

How shall I interest you in something? A sh1tty craft?

Ok so I'm a Filipino guy from the Internet, If you know me. Congrats for finding my SP account, What does it change in your life though?

Discord: Fuzzy The Fox#0423
Twitter: @FuzzFoxxo
YT: Fuzzy The Foxxo[AKA Fuzzy the Blue fox]
YT Link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCuT0DtPRHvJQg5FITrosQ
Nonsensical fiction lore stuff:
Fictional Airforce-
T.A.F. "Teal Air Force"

Fictional Mercenary Group-
Kasui Operators

If you hate me or discriminating me for copying good stuff. please argue with the most polite argument. Or leave me alone [Attacking me will result with small replies that contains the truth from me and won't make a major change on my acc]