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Thicc anime grill here, to tell yo 'bout my self

Over time my work as gotten better, and i dopue have to say i like it alot. My priciple of angular beuty and detail where it needs to be have arosen ove the years, and i can say i am please with my work. From the dælmar motore, to the AHz Dragonfly, i like where ive ended up.

My love of scifi has keept me going. Some perticualr favorites are gundam, transfomers (g1 and prime, you dingus), gargantia on the veriduios planet and metroid. Their are probably some im forgetting. Even ym tase in music reflects this obsession, witch so happens to be synthwave with some futurebass and future funk thrown in for good measure.

This love of the future has propelled me to make things from a time houndreds of years beond now, witch i convenienly post here (some space is held by more modern or past products, though.)

Yah yeeto

I am told i have to tell you to join the wing pmen discord server. Ask pav for the link. I don got it.