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Wake up!

The Gas is closing, we need get out from here now!

Enough, dont be like stress people.

What vehicle should i make? :/


Welcome to ExpMC page.

I play this game at August 2020
I join the website at 17 November 2020

Did my photo profile is boring?

Yeet, idk what pictures to take

Devices :
-Samsung A70 (2016)
A normally potato phone

Well im just an normally skilled player to making some vehicle.
Using an Blueprints or from my creativition from my brain not from heart.
All my build are very simple, you can download it if your devices are potato.


Little about me

Im 13 years old living in Indonesia.
Hobby drawing, Gacha? Yes.
Speaking indonesian language and speaking english.
Cat lovers.
Japan, American, Russian, British its my fav country.
Like all foods, except fish and pork.
My drawing skill is good, but sucks when coloring.
Just an hand draw skill is good, sucks at
apk (i will practice on apk soon).
Dreaming to be an Military.
Little like anime.
Im an Simple guy at home.
Im an Quiet guy in public.
Reading Fandom wiki when i havent idea for making an vehicles.

Status Inactive

  • Sunday - Tuesday

When im at Inactive status, im only commenting, looking for new vehicle, and upvoting.

Status Active

  • Wednesday - Saturday

 When im at Active status, i making new vehicle in SP, and same like in inactive status wich is comment and upvoting.


Uhh... well i love an plane just like Airliner, Cargo, Transport, and more. Not only plane btw, i like some civillian ground vehicle just like car, truck, and buses. Some car i like its Sedan, Hatchback, SUV, and last its Van. Trucks and buses just only modern (2018 - Present). More loving Military Stuffs like Firearms, Tank, Jet, HEMTT, and more.

Where do you living?

I just only say my city where i live, but i prefer not say my address and where area im live.

I'm living in Surabaya, East Java Indonesia

Photos of Surabaya city are in here :

Symbol of Surabaya City

Again, Surabaya its capital city of East
Java, Indonesia

Some companies i made

I make an fictional companies
This is all companies i have

  • Brinson Aircraft Company
  • VHM
  • Capital Dynamics
  • Mark Automotive
  • Latoona Automotive
  • Moracle Industries

Only there my companies i have, maybe i can make another companies in another day

Fictional Country

Slavian Federation

United Republic of Atlantia

Sorry if the both of these pictures has bad quality

Favourite games

  • SSB2

  • Gacha Life

  • Call of Duty

  • BattleField

  • ArmA 3

  • SimplePlanes

Well i have ArmA 3 and BF in my PC but sadly my PC got broken, so i didnt have the screenshot


My vehicle pictures

First cargo plane

VHM-266. Cancelled Heli

First Van i made

BNR-45. Just an medium comercial plane

First jet i made




"Actually, it was one helluva suplly drops"

-Nathan MacDade

"So, at that time - your camp was in center of the town?"

-Katherine Bishop

"You cant kill me"

-Frank Woods

"This is how wars are won, Bell"

-Russell Adler

"Remember, Switching to Pistol is more faster than reloading"


"Let's do this!"

-Simon "Ghost" Riley

"Huh? Where am I? Where is my sister, Lemo? Oh, right next to me haha!" 


"It's time for the big bonanza!"


"Ignore it, it's not our mission!"

-Mark McKenzie

"Don't be useless you idiot!"

-Mike Kingston


-Niko Paterson

Check out my friend



Bronze : 18 November, 2020

Silver : 2 February, 2021

Gold : Waiting......


ExpMC's most upvoted vehicle


Current Project

  • Jet Fighter 90%
  • WW2 fighter plane 20%
  • WW2 transport plane 80%
  • Sedan 80%
  • Attack Helicopter 0%
  • Van 100% (Finished)
  • Hatchback 0%
  • Tank 10%
  • Transport Helicoptee 100%



Also, i just wanna say thanks for y'all to help me reach 1k

Only there i have

Sorry guys if my english was bad

Have a nice day!


Previously known as RafiAgny