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I wont be too active online, not much time

The grind to plat begins again ;).
Well, this time I don't care for points, I've already gotten to that goal once, and that is more than enough.
I dont want people knowing my old account, because I dont want people arriving here for my old account. I want to help new users grow past that old account, instead of having it grow and grow to ridiculous proportions.
I shall be building various planes, cars, tanks, and ships, not really snuggling into a niche, thats just not my thing.

Current projects
Mech line, just my mechs, im always working on one now, i love them to bits (latest postponed due to the friggin SPACE BATTLESHIP)
Space battleship (underway, no release day)
Space carrier (design phase, no release day)

PS. Simple planes has really outgrown my poor ipad, and probably my fairly tame skills as well, lol. My PC master race builds will arrive soonish, but i love the feel of SP on ios.