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Welcome to my page. This is we're I post items for mobile transfer, 3D model printing, and where I take in other players aircrafts for advanced modifications. This is also we're players can give me feedback on crafts I built. Upvote if they so desire, and this is where I keep my online database, I have been updating my profile to have a little more character such as my Simplelandia RP standings since my aircraft are slowly finding there way into it. Ignore the classification codes below. That's my notes for naming and uploading.


Plane Nomenclature Classification:
Ex: F/A-425E

A Code:
-F: Fighter
-F/A: Multirole
-A: Attacker

B Code:
-1: Conventional Low wing, Rudder, Tail
-2: Delta with Canards
-3: Conventional High wing, Rudder, Tail
-4: Tailess Delta Design

C Code:
- Base model number (ex: aircraft 25)

D Code:
- Variation (ex: A,B,C,ECT.)


Skill Levels: Are you qualified to fly this thing? A quick overview of how much skill is needed to fly this thing. That means switching groups mid flight, being able to use the VTOL system and how fast it pitches, rolls and turns.

  • Low: The thing basically flies itself, no groups, just throttle up and go. As long as you keep the pointy end above the horizon you should be good.

  • Medium: The craft uses some groups but for the most part, it's easy to get a feel for it.

  • High: No stranger to flying concept designs? How's VTOL sound? Flight success depends on your ability to change out groups during during flight operations and chances are your using all 8 with Trim and VTOL, not necessarily simultaneously, but you can.

  • Advance/Elite: Let's be honest, this thing wasn't released with the intent of people flying it. I can fly it, but that's because I built it, but other than that, if you are up for a challenge, go for it. These exist in my library for file transfers. These will be flying battle cruisers and concept designs that rely on your ability to juggle groups.

AI Level: Basically what happens when the AI takes the controls in free flight mode.

  • High: Like mixing Ace Combat and Dark Souls, If you shoot at it in free flight, you better finish it off, or it will finish the fight for you. These craft are usually equipped with XML modified rail guns, advance engines, and counter measures to compliment it's agility. Approach with caution.

  • Medium: It's a pretty decent flyer. The AI hasn't exactly figured out how to fly it to its full potential, but it can turn and it can shoot, which means it'll fight, but nothing too serious.

  • Low: The AI has no idea how to fly the thing, you might be able to get in some good shots before it goes spiraling into the ground. These are crafts never intended for AI use, but for some reason the AI just has to fly it, usually resulting in explosions.

  • Peaceful: These planes are not intended to attack you, they have no guns. If you start shooting at them your a mean person. You probably hate puppies and leave mean comments on posts.

  • Untested: It has never been tested in dogfight mode, or has ever been spotted in the "wild". I'll probably test it out at some point, by putting in dogfight mode AI vs AI, or start shooting at it in free flight and see what happens.