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"You don't need a fancy quote to build good stuff!"


Founder and member of the SP Builder's Chat.

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Current Status: On the website

SP Bucket list:
•Have one of my creations to get featured
•Get into SP Master's Chat
•Make something that gets over 70 upvotes
•Get 100 followers [Completed]
•Get to Platinum in under a year [Completed]


What Dllama is building:
SKS carbine [95%]
Eurofighter Typhoon [65%]
F-104 NASA [95%]
Strategic Bomber [90%]

Hi, I'm Dllama4! I am an iOS and PC user that builds firearms and military weapons!

Need an upvote or spotlight? Just ask. I won't eat or bite you.

The best gun builds I ever made:
Sonn-Blas F-11D Blaster Rifle
Stoner 63 Assault Rifle

SP History:
Ok I will admit it. I'm addicted but I still get straight A's at school and try not to play too much so I guess I'm fine. I started playing around 8:59 PM August 6, 2016. I started off as a noob like everyone else. I made planes that looked ok. My first build that I was proud of was my E-3 Sentry AWACS. I was bronze at the time. My gun making "career" started when I decided to modify some of Pilotmario's guns. Then I started to make my own guns which looked somewhat ok for a first gun. After making some more guns, MemeKingIndustriesAndMegaCorporation requested machineguns for Awwam . I made them and became the primary firearm manufacturer for Awwam. Ever since then, I have made many new guns, weapons, and vehicles and have became one of the most well known gun makers on SP. When I got to bronze I was very proud of myself (lol). I was even more proud when I reached silver. Then, I reached gold and I was very, very proud of myself. I then reached platinum, and eh, not so proud for some reason.

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Branches of the DNAF:
Air Force
Ground Forces
•Ground Forces "Air Force"
Special Forces
•Naval SF
•Ground SF
•Airborne SF