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So... I think, after two years on this Website, it's time to enter my byography.
Sorry for my english, it's not perfect actualy.
I am Koschmetall D'imas Von Waffenträger, just ordinary russian guy, who just interested in armoured vehinces. So, I love drawing, ponies and buildind technic with heavy armour and mighty guns in SP.
Long long ago, in September 2014 I find SP when was surfing the net. I tried it, but not liked actualy. So, few month later one my friend said to me: "Hey, there're a game, you'll like." It was May. My tab was already broken so, in September at last I installed SP on my PC. In october I uploaded my first craft, that was a battleship, based on other player's cargo ship. Then I stopped playing SP.
The new era for me started in April 2016, when SP was uptated to 1.2. So I built new ship and stopped building anything till summer, when I taken part in competition in SPVK, and built T-34-85.
Yeah, then I begin building ugly tanks with very big guns... Let's not talk about this, ok? XD
All my crafts was ugly (except some of them) till spring of 2017 when I was building for SimpleWar in SPVK. My KMT17 Werwolf Ausf.H was amazing... I hoped that it will be featured, but this is not true.
Then I built a lot of different crafts, but I understood the one important - I can make good ground militaries, such tanks, SPAs, etc.
Now I specializing in ground military technics. Sometimes I build replicas, but most of my recently crafts is fictional.
So, I think that's all... I don't know why am I telling this, but deal with it.
UPD2: 13 Jul 2018 - Now I building tanks for Defcorp in Maywar Conflict and tanks from GuP
UPD3: 9 Aug 2018 - I've just built enormous spaceship. 2606 parts. On Android.