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  • Sliced Sky 4.8 years ago

    I have to be honest... Your style at times is a little over the top for me... But your score speaks for itself. The masses have spoken and you are a true master of simple planes. That being said you have a hand full of planes that I'm absolutely in love with!!! And shit I have downloaded almost every plane you have created and they all fly amazingly!!! So maybe I'm just a guy with poor taste :P either way keep it up man!!! _______ oh and your designs are a beautiful example of geometry and the paint jobs are always eye catching!!!

  • Advanced X1 18 days ago

    Thanks man! Yeah still poke at the ol’ SP once and awhile. First time I’ve played with it since the mods came out for iOS users. Pretty freakin sweet! Wait until you see what Wakescar is gonna drop soon. He’s got way more patience than I do lol. Hope you are doing well brotha. @TheLatentImage

  • Advanced X1 21 days ago

    @Chancey21 idk where you are having the issue... throttle up pull the vtol to the lowest notch. At full speed the thing handles great. Turn of 8 once you are flying to turn off the gyro and it handles on a dime... I’ve landed this on the the aircraft carrier so.... don’t know what to tell ya. At low throttle this thing will literally float.

  • Advanced X1 21 days ago

    @Chancey21 yeah I forgot to address the VTOL being inverted. Slide VTOL lever down instead of forward once in the air. It should fly extremely well.

  • Light Scout 2 2.4 years ago

    Epic!! Your designs are always so clean and functional!! Nice job!!

  • Aston Martin DB5 (Spy Refit) 2.4 years ago

    Epic dude! Nicely done!!

  • The truth... 2.5 years ago

    Or is it? I've been around longer than most of the people posting here. My score is mediocre given the length of time I've been posting planes. Some people get on here and are platinum is just a few months. I've seen builders without much skill surpass my rank in weeks. And ya know what? That's cool by me. It's the name of the game right? Have fun and put in as much effort as you feel like. You don't have to put endless hours into a build and countless parts. Just make friends and have fun and your score ( if score is important to you ) can be what ever you want. Trust me there has been a cycle of "drama" every so often on this site. Just like the stank from a bad fart... it will pass. As for the Masters Chat and TSAD... Whats the big deal? They are nothing more than a group of friends who have found a way to communicate outside of the game. They discuss builds and help eachother out. No one is stopping you ( you being the whiners ) from doing the same. If this GAME makes you feel any sort of negative emotion you need to put it down and take a break. Don't forget... Simple Planes is just for fun.

  • The truth... 2.5 years ago

    ... sorry this is thuper therious...

  • The truth... 2.5 years ago

    If Bigfoot farts in the woods and no one is around to hear it... does it make a sound?

  • LSV-23 ''Bulldog 4x4'' 2.6 years ago

    Very cool!

  • ''SC2''Battlecruiser 2.7 years ago


  • Terminator 800(read the info)(walking) 2.7 years ago

    Yessssssssss!!! I wanted to attempt this for awhile and had no idea where to even begin!!! You knocked it out of the flipping park! Nice job!!

  • Apollo 11 Lunar Module EAGLE 2.7 years ago

    Freakin awesome! Nice job!

  • T 45 Power Armor - FALLOUT 2.7 years ago

    @Rohan Reportin for duty

  • T 45 Power Armor - FALLOUT 2.7 years ago

    @Rohan sorry it's taken awhile to get back to you. I'm pretty inactive on SP these days and work has been especially busy lately. Is your invitation still open?

  • Dragomirov (Heavy Assault Variant) 2.8 years ago

    This is bad to the bone dude. It has seriously mean lines. Nice job!

  • Darth Vader's Private Shuttle-in StarWars 2.8 years ago

    Great execution! This thing is beautiful

  • M.V Hercules 2.8 years ago

    Gorgeous boat! Nice job with the hull! Captured a tug really well

  • Iron Man XVI 2.8 years ago

    "Is this a private war -- or can anyone join?" - James Rhodes

  • Simple 5th Gen 2.9 years ago

    Dude epically "simple"!!

  • Rock 'n' Rover 2.9 years ago

    @TheLatentImage this guy would blow past platinum with just couple of the things in his garage... Some precision engineering! Though I think works in the shadows these days. Ya know, unlisted/black ops kind of stuff ;]

  • (100 follower)Warhammer 40k Knights 2.9 years ago

    Nicely done!

  • T 45 Power Armor - FALLOUT 3.0 years ago

    @Mumpsy and @WalrusAircraft I think it took 30 hours... Ish. lol iOS gotta love it!

  • T 45 Power Armor - FALLOUT 3.0 years ago

    Wow thanks for all the support everyone!! @REW @TheLazyFlyer @Buza @Chamikey @reallouchan9999 @Pianoman @jamesPLANESii @goboygo1 @WalrusAircraft @DestinyAviation @Planefun @Liamw @corey1324 @saturn28 @MotorKade @AV8R @Avro686Lancaster @PyrusEnderhunter @carrot2110 @TheRealTDawg @SkullHunter29 @randomusername @Arhitekt @BaconAircraft @bjac0 @Chesty @kampfer @MemeKingIndustriesAndMegaCorporation @Sarpanitu @doge @Fishbowl1121 @ForeverPie @TheNCRanger @ElHoncho @Mumpsy @Treadmill103 @yoshicraze @Lanseed @ElGatoVolador @Sauce @haidebiany @cobalT @Flyingthings @RedHawk @TAplanes @spefyjerbf @grizzlitn @KDS @Kevinairlines @GontarMotors @AceOfSpade @Flash0of0green @Ephwurd @Supercraft888 @Birdman9301 @WW2Historynerd @MAHADI @DeathStalker627

  • T 45 Power Armor - FALLOUT 3.0 years ago

    @MaximusTheMinimus Bahaha too funny! I should make a walking version that carries the broadsider!

  • T 45 Power Armor - FALLOUT 3.0 years ago

    @MrMecha great suggestion!! I might just give that a go in the near future!

  • T 45 Power Armor - FALLOUT 3.0 years ago

    @TheLatentImage thanks brotha! Took some time lol. Wakescar said you were hammering Fallout not that long ago. About to restart it myself I think. Been awhile and we crushed it so hard before. Don't know when he'll post it but B has a freaking monster he built while I was building this. Keep an eye out

  • T 45 Power Armor - FALLOUT 3.0 years ago

    Thanks @Zangard

  • T 45 Power Armor - FALLOUT 3.0 years ago

    Finally broke 10k! Thanks everyone for the support!!! @Liquidfox @Tully2001 @Seeras @AstleyIndustries

  • T 45 Power Armor - FALLOUT 3.0 years ago

    @JayDay60 thanks!

  • T 45 Power Armor - FALLOUT 3.0 years ago

    @BaconRoll thanks!!!!! :]

  • T 45 Power Armor - FALLOUT 3.0 years ago

    @MrMecha thanks for the Spotlight!!!!

  • T 45 Power Armor - FALLOUT 3.0 years ago

    @Cedy117 thanks man!! I appreciate it!!

  • Space Shuttle with Solid Rocket Fuel Tech. 3.0 years ago

    "All civilizations become either spacefaring or extinct" - Carl Sagan

    Really freakin cool! You should make more multifunctional space vessels!

  • Rock Racer 3.0 years ago

    @WeeBabySeamus thanks man! Hope all is well on your chunk of planet earth!

  • Rock Racer 3.0 years ago

    @camelcowboy92 @BogdanX @MrMecha @marcox43 thanks guys!!! @TTHHSSSS thanks!!!! And Wakescar isn't sure where he got it either :P though I did take it from the Noxious Toxide.

  • GrassHopper 80-019 - - VTOL 3.1 years ago

    This is very cool

  • Noxious Toxide 3.1 years ago

    The freaking peddles moveeee :]

  • Mass Effect Andromeda Nomad 3.1 years ago

    Handles very well!!

  • Techasaurus Rex 3.2 years ago

    @TheLatentImage thanks bud! Yeah been a busy one this year. Just moved further out into the sticks. Sadly cell service is even worse at the new place. Makes communication a b**. Wakescar has mucho to post, should be dropping one soon. Glad to hear from ya my man! Hope things are well on your chunk of planet earth!!

  • Techasaurus Rex 3.2 years ago

    @Rohan thanks!!! Yes sir lol. Hopefully will have more to post soon. Hard to get the creative juices flowing again.

  • Techasaurus Rex 3.2 years ago

    @MrMecha thanks my man! First attempt at a mech. You make em' look easy!

  • Techasaurus Rex 3.2 years ago

    @Himynameiswalrus thanks for the spotlight friend!
    @Tully2001 and @PhantomBladeCorp much appreciated!

  • Barracuda L-1 V2 3.6 years ago

    Sweet plane!

  • GTS-1 Argentavis 3.6 years ago

    Damn dude!! This thing is epic!! You should make a space series based on this!!

  • Regional craft 3.6 years ago

    I did too. I went and bought one with a friend who also plays on iOS thinking about how awesome nudge would be and.... We had no luck :[

  • Regional craft 3.6 years ago

    In regards to the Bluetooth keyboard - not sure if you'll have any luck. I know a couple of people, myself included, who build on IOS and have tried the Bluetooth keyboard. Doesn't seem to work for SP.

  • Orca - JAWS 3.6 years ago

    @WalrusAircraft @KnightOfAraluen really appreciate that fellas! Working on an IPad and this build was pushing its limits lol :]

  • Martian Mobile Base 3.6 years ago

    Pretty cool!!

  • F-14A Tomcat "Miss Molly" (Grumman) 3.6 years ago

    Damn dude!