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Hi, my name is my name! Is this considered personal information the way I did it just now?? Anyways, I joined SIMPLEPLANES in 2018 on android because I can ok? But I joined the site/community at Thursday, January 28 2021!!! I have been building planes long time before I joined this site. I will publish a lot f my builds that have been made over time.

U are not allowed to modify my plane and then publish it without giving me credit in the title or the description. If u want to give me credit not in the title but in the description pls make it obvious that the build is not entirely yours.There are rules to some of my builds about that

When I first saw the SIMPLEPLANES game in playstore, I looked at the description. The game was AWESOME so I bought it. After having done every challenge, I found out about the website. Maybe one day I will write my name here in the zodiac code. (The solved ones)