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Have you found what you are seeking warrior?
If not, shid why you looking here anyways?


What is it?
I just wanted to start a series of fictional aircraft with an acceptable but not exceptional level of detail under a company named Romanian Corporation of Aviation.
All aircraft designated RCoA-(number < 100) are piston aircraft, anything over 100 is either a turbo prop, jet, turbine whatever you can think of with a few exceptions; The RCoA-130 series consists of bombers, piston, turbo prop and jet. The smaller the number, the older the design (in the case of exception families the smaller the third digit is, the older the craft is). Crafts designated RCoA-200+ Are civilian aircraft and crafts designated with numbers under 10 are concepts. The RCoA-80 family consist of all propeller (not specifically piston) ground attack/heavy fighter aircraft.

They’re not meant to be particularly exotic, to stand out or to have stupidly overpowered characteristics and weapons. They are fairly balanced aircraft made by a man who got bored one day. I won’t upload them in any particular order, I may just upload my favorite aircraft of each class (00#-29#) then upload all the aircraft in the class (0#0-2#0) as a single post.