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Just a hooman born in Misawa Aomori. That’s the closest you’ll get into knowing where I’m from. I’ve been playing this game before we had rotators and when we still had a part called long nose cone. My old account was called R313 but I lost the password to both the simple planes account and the gmail account. Aside from that I like anime and manga. Stuff like that. I make extremely easy to do planes. I’m kind of limited to the modding because I didn’t buy SP on Steam. I usually just make it on this iOS because touchscreen controls are way more percise. I have an android phone to help me mod but I rarely use it. I could put my effort into a 10 month plane with realistic looks, performance and size but ehh my school is more important ( Yes I am still in school). When I say 10 Month I also mean one entire day every hour devoted to building Simple Planes. And 10 Months Every Hour devoted to Building that plane. So yeah I’m kinda stucc in Silver because I post like once a month or once every two weeks.