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I don't remember how i discovered Simpleplanes, but this game made me interrest in planes. + its sandbox.
I used to play it on my mobile, and enemy bots seemed to me realy hard. Idk why. Then i decided to download ot on my pc. New iceland "Mirage", Craken, Black Perl. Those all i was trying to find in mobile version lol.
Then i discovered Vegas, i dont care about which add i use. I like making videos with music, not edits, just somethink beutiful :)
I tried making maps, racing maps. I got this idea from Night cruise map. As it missing, i decided to make my own. I made it, but then i lost it:( I tried to make enother but i had (have) problems with roads, so i downloaded "Touge" map from unity assets store. Honestly, this map sucks. Then i finaly decided to make my own. I made it. But it's unfinished.


Touge culture - Illegal racing on mountain roads. I became touge fan after watching Initial D.
Initial D - anime series about those mountain racing with 90s vibes.
Initial Unity - game about touge atack.
Touge atack - Racing on time, not about slow drifting.
Eurobeat - Genre of music
Retro - You know it

That's all i gues