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Please Read This:

Hey everyone, I would like to say that if you are in need of help, I'll gladly help you out on your creations. For example, if you need and engine built, I can build you one.

I am here to help if you need help, it is one of the things I love to do. But if for some reason I cannot, then I apologize ahead of time.


Greased Birds Motor Works (GBMW):
A civil (most of the time) automobile company that manufactures cars around the United Systems (US) and United System Association (USA.)

A Military organization/Company that has developed war machines for a very long time.

Nexus Field Mouse
Nexus Pounder
Nexus Sand Nat
Nexus Sand Hopper
Nexus Vatenio Backstabber
Nexus Valitio VTOL Strike Ship
Nexus Airvalley Lugger
Nexus GN Donvantsar
Nexus PM Reaver 1

A government run military group that manufactures equipment and trains men/women for the battle field.

Varnic WS Titan

Varnic Angel FSA VTOL

Coming creations:


Resent Uploads:

Nexus Field Mouse

Dunderson Airhog

Giant Ham

Imatzin Light Assault Ship "Puffer Fish"

OSF-GD Foxhound (Unmarked)

The Dismemberment

TM-23 Karnsip

Nexus PM Reaver 1

Most Loved:

AT-AT (All Terrain-Attack Thomas)

Challenges that I have made:

[Open] Nexus Chanllenge

Challenges that I have participated in:

Default Paint Challenge (by jamesPLANESii)

Pacific WAR Challenge (by BogdanX)

Dogfight Tournament (by 232287168147825)

Red Bull Flug Tag Challenge (by asteroidbook345)

WWII Jets Challenge! (by MAHADI)

Wright International Airshow August 2020 (by DPSAircraft)

Mad Max Challenge (By Snowdog)

[Closed] World War I Challenge (By captainhall)

Counter Terrorist Challenge (By mikoyanster)

Mad Max truck challenge