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Welcome to my profile weary travelers! :D

Rather messy is it not? Just like myself :D sobs

well heres a bit about me ;

I'm a young temperamental guy who excels in making replicas (original designs? not as much)
I live in Indonesia and my hobbies are nonetheless creating planes and playing games!

ya boi also member of le master chat

I am now trying on making new stuff like Armored vehicles, Attack boats, Helicopters and all those non-aircraft related stuff. Dont worry, Im still gonna upload some jets and props, Leave suggestions on what planes you want to see me build right Here!

And Build progress here

I don't do regular uploads with the purpose of giving a breathing room for each of my builds to be noticed, then when it dies down I will most certainly upload another project.
or you know.. slack off

Side note : All my builds are built with High Physics settings used, be sure to change the physics to get the desired performance.

A bit of tip to creating a great replica is putting passion into your build, don't forget references, they are important for making a replica, and use your feelings, let it guide you.
Secondly, Don't be afraid to ask for help! Critics and suggestions can take you one step closer into creating a fine build.

Thats all I gotta say, Cheers people!