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Active (I'm currently uploading aircraft)
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Hi! Uh, welcome to my account and such, I'm not to sure why your'e here, maybe you liked one of my builds and wanted to see my other post's, maybe your'e one of my follower's, maybe your'e not, BUT nonetheless Welcome!

Also I make airliner Trailer's on my YT Channel,
If you ever wanna see those they are down below

Also here is my discord if you wanna be my fwend :3
Padoru Cerdd~#7623

Airliner Trailer Playlist
VRL Gba Making Of

Day I Got Silver 8/19/2020 (Thank you all so so much)
Day I Got Gold: 12/25/2020 (I cant thank you guys enough, seriously thank you)

My personal fav plane that ive made :3

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