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Hi guys! I'm BusterShortWolf, and I really like vehicles and technology stuff, which in this game, you can make all of that! I am from California in the U.S. I love SimplePlanes, and want to share what I build with you. My favorite color is blue or turquoise, it kind of depends on what I am seeing the colors on. I love cremé broleé and (of course) ice cream. Everyone says I'm creative, so I'll try my best. I am one of those people who are kind of self conscious. I know my planes are not really anything to a series. They are kind of random, I build a wide variety of planes. But that is just the way I like to be. One day I’ll build a blimp and then the next a duck with a jet pack. But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried necessarily. I put at least 2 hours of work into most of my planes. That’s a lot, if you think of how many planes... well, things... that I have made. So yeah. Anyway, special thanks to A3, jfriss, EliteIndustries1, and MrMecha for helping me become a bronze and then silver player! Also, right now I am not as active as I used to be. But I will still post and comment now and then!