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"Such is life in Glorious Arstotzka"

KV-220 build cancelled

My Motto: "To burn...Or to not burn"
(Don't worry about the fact that I'm partially a pyromaniac)

Personal achievements:
Finished a unassembled Traxxas TRX4 Sport RC crawler on 6/27/2020 in less than 1 and a half months (my first unassembled kit I've ever made, a relative of mine says his old '85 Chevy truck is less complicated lol)

- On The Road
- Tax Collector
- Cheeki Breeki
- Cheeki Breeki Revolt
- Glory To Arstotzka

Enemies: anyone with any ties to the Kolechian government, or just a Kolechian in general (Papers Please logic lol)

- Shnippy
(don't exactly remember too much)

Now, off to work, Glory To Arstotzka."