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Actual backstory: this account was originally made during simpleplane’s iOS infancy by my brother but he deleted everything and left but when I redescovered the game I resurrected the account to what it is now.

I screwed up gravatar than I fixed yay

I also have autism but it’s not bad

Y’all should be ready for a fast paced hedgehog race


Relaria status: we own the south in the United States so now I own lots of oil also power armor

current status:I’m back!

Belfast, Northern Ireland, 6 March 1912: Titanic (right) moved out of the drydock to allow her sister Olympic to replace a damaged propeller blade.
I’m a railfan,planespotter & vesselfanboy
I like vehicles
I’ll make stuff sometimes
Also I have a YouTube channel called Eian Weaver

My sp company: Wright company
we make planes in competition with others
Headquarters st.petersburg,Florida
(No I don’t live in st Pete I liv somewhere else in Florida)

Logo: lol

this is the music I listen to


my fancy slogan is “quick thinking works every time”


look at dis rainbow

Favorite plane: favoriteplane

Least favorite plane: ugly

My favorite game is splatoon 2