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2nd Human on earth to ever use Agricultural tag!

Dlama4 was the first to use it

now making: 1960 desoto adventurer

5% done

Countryballs > Countryhumans

Actual backstory: this account was originally made during simpleplane’s iOS infancy by my brother but he deleted everything and left but when I redescovered the game I resurrected the account to what it is now.

I’ Color blind (so green and yellows look the same) so if one of my builds has something green instead of yellow that’s why

I screwed up gravatar than I fixed yay

I also have autism but it’s not bad

Y’all should be ready for a fast paced hedgehog race


Relaria status: we own the south in the United States so now I own lots of oil also power armor

current status:I’m back!

Belfast, Northern Ireland, 6 March 1912: Titanic (right) moved out of the drydock to allow her sister Olympic to replace a damaged propeller blade.
I’m a railfan,planespotter & vesselfanboy
I like vehicles
I’ll make stuff sometimes

Orientation: straight and would rather not Talk about anything on this subject, move on

My sp company: Wright company
we make planes in competition with others
Headquarters st.petersburg,Florida
(No I don’t live in st Pete I liv somewhere else in Florida)

Comrades & some users I look up too
More soon

Logo: lol

this is the music I listen to


my fancy slogan is “quick thinking works every time”


look at dis rainbow

Favorite plane: favoriteplane

Least favorite plane: ugly

My favorite game is splatoon 2

Batteries not included, each set sold separately