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I love to experiment with things in SP, like a lot of other people, and I’m hoping to make great things in this game. Obviously I love Pokémon especially Lucario! I love superheros and I’m a Marvel geek. I also love Disney, especially Star-Wars, my favorite legion is the 501st clone legion, lead by Anakin Skywalker, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Also, I love to drive cars in SP and RC cars in real life. I love music too, 70-80 music especially. You might see a block of butter sometimes, that’s Lenny; he’s kinda my mascot. I love to draw and I’m good at it. My favorite gaming consuls are Nintendo ones. I can also moonwalk. And last but not least you will see a lot of Blue, Green, and Black; those are my main colors. Enjoy my posts. 😁👍🏻