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Privetstvuyu tovarishch!


Some say, he picks the raisins out of his raisin brand cereal.

And that he has only ever once been featured.

All we know is, he's me...

To do list:

-succ an egg



My Motto:

"I don't have one"

Quote of the month:
"Roses are red, this is true, violets are purple, not freaking blue!"

Picture of the month:
? ????
? ? ????
??? ?????
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??? ?????
? ??????? O O?
?????? ??????
?????? ??????

okay lets get right into tha neeeeeewwwwz

"My name is Drake, i now live in a small town out in no mans land smack dab in the north west area of America. The weather out here gets pretty bad, extreme winters, extreme dry seasons, extreme... wait i dont know any more...
But anyways lets get to the point on why i play SP.
Awhile back, 5 months prior to typing this part in my bio. I heard from my friend @Somberbask about this game, at the time i was in videogame design in high school... which i got kicked out of... then i went into graphic design -art class with a fancy name- and started doing stuff there. And the idea of making art with virtual planes and building aspects -not minecraft- gave me such a love for SimplePlanes. So i made an account and here i am... playing SP on my Kindle because i cant afford a PC.
So yeah thats that... -i hate thinking of random crud to put in a biography-

Facts about this guy

Favorite song: (infected mushroom remix - the pretender)
Sexual identification: (Apache attack helicopter)
Skills: (er... Annoying people?)
Heritage: (mostly white trash, but there is a bit of Cherokee Indian in there)
Occupation: (UPS truck delivery staff)
Favorite Aircraft: (nothing in particular, but mostly 6th gen fighters and anything science fiction)

If your not satasfied with the bio, well then here have a funny picture of an aircraft doing this...

Also these are some helpful tips to make flashy and colorful biographys

hey bozo wanna talk?

If you want to talk to me go here and I'll respond to your comment soon, or if you need to talk to me on a personal level contact me at my Gmail: (Audiodud3611@gmail.com)
Side note: my email is NOT for build requests it is only to talk, so please use the link to my proper request forum, and quit spamming my email with "I WANT"

Want me to build it?

I'm now doing build requests... OFFICIALLY! So if you have one, send it HERE

Oh and just ignore these things down here you might actually like some of them, so what ever you do... DONT LOOK AT THE HIGHLIGHTED PLANES.