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I've removed a large part of my bio because people tended to react to it like this
so instead I leave you with some other useless stuff...

Also these are some helpful tips to make flashy and colorful biographys

hey bozo wanna talk?

If you want to talk to me go here and I'll respond to your comment soon, or if you need to talk to me on a personal level contact me at my Gmail: "were you expecting an email? Well too bad, maybe if peoplewould stop spamming it, I'd still have it linked"

Want me to build it?

I'm now doing build requests... OFFICIALLY! So if you have one, send it HERE but don't expect me to always say yes.

Disclaimer for users

Here at Audio3 industries we reserve the right to refuse service to any and all members, no exceptions... So don't get on my bad side.

Oh and just ignore these things down here you might actually like some of them, so what ever you do... DONT LOOK AT THE HIGHLIGHTED PLANES.