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Hey hey, you don't know who i am, for sure, alright I joking ;)
I am a technology lover, on SP I can make everything but of course only average.
an say I am a technology citizen, obviously I like electric and electric cars: D, electric aircraft XD, so are electric spacecraft (can fly electric spacecraft?) I like computers, and love Robots :P

Hello! and this is the


Atlas Future Technology Center

or Atlas FTC
As a future technology center, it is home to the lowest rate of earthquakes in the United States.

Built on 3D printing technology, a hexagonal building, with 8 floors and 8 basements, are built as solid as a Pentagon, using 3D printing technology to cut a lot of the cost of construction.

Founded by Benjamin Galyo Earth with his best friend and co-founder of Atlas in 2026.

Its purpose is to research, explore and develop future technologies. Initially Atlas focused on the development of chip technology, AI and computer hardware.

Unknown days in 2053, Atlas studied simple aircraft technology, and electric powered jet devices. Because it is a newly established place not too long compared to other places, it seems Atlas must start from nothing.

I am Vietnamese! and I'm not good at English.

My YouTube channel, I usually play video games although I do not play well.

The device I used to play SimplePlanes:

Initially I used a relatively weak Lenovo tablet, 1GB Ram and Rom only 8GB, it could run well at low settings and up to 200 parts.
Next I have a Samsung tablet with 1.5GB of RAM, which is no better than a Lenovo, even more laggy.
In 2017 I had a PC but it was not much better, the dual-core 3.2GHz ram 2GB DDR3, and Intel HD Graphic I could run Medium settings at about 400 parts.
But I upgraded the PC slightly with 6GB Ram and Radeon HD7870 GHz, I can play over 1000 parts at max settings xD, but still a dual-core CPU :(