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Hello everyone. The name’s ArcherDude11, or Archer for short.

Here’s some things about me:

  • My name’s Matthew.

  • I’m an American Male

  • I am 15.

  • My personality is INFP-T Meditator

  • My career choice is to join the US Air Force.

  • My hobbies and interests include Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Aviation, Shipbuilding, and Physics.

  • I’m the Head Commander of the UCERD, a Contract-Based Armed Force.

  • I’m also the Head Commander of the S.T.A.R. (Specialized Training, Assault, and Reconnaissance) program. The STAR program takes the role of the UCERD’s special forces up in the air, and the aircraft are easily identifiable by the blue livery.

  • I am the creator of Jolter Defense Systems, Inc., which supplies every branch of the UCERD with tools to get the job done.

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