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Welcome to the page of Ageramaster595. I'm 13 I enjoy making cars on this game, and making them available for you guys.
The name comes from the Koenigsegg agera, and I'm a master, I know I came up with iit like 4 years ago. Anyway there will be atleast one new car/plane every week. I also playall Forza Horizons, and all Forza motosports. My Xbox one gamertag is Ageramaster595 as you would expect, so send me a message if you wanna throw down some tandems.


"AG" car
"Agera" plane


-When building listen to music, it helps focus.
-Build chassis around engine when building a car.
-Use wheels if you're making a turbo.
-Get Fine tuner & Overload mod to help adjust
anything to your taste.


Car / My inspiration is usually a sesto, or a koenigsegg.
Jet / My inspiration is often a F-22 or an Su-47