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my discord server lol

I'll probably just change my username back soon.

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About Me

I’m an avgeek and student pilot. I love to watch, ride, and fly planes. I also like a variety of (semi-)realistic aviation games, including SP. I especially like SP because of its friendly community. I also like public transit as a whole. You might see me build planes, trains, buses, and boats.

Builds - Airplane

B/RJ199 - Small regional airliner
[WIP]B/RJ199LR - Long range regional airliner
[WIP]S/BJ199 - Business jet/seaplane
RJ200-100 - Regional airliner
RJ230-300 - Large Regional Airliner
RJ230T - Tanker Variant
T240 - Twin turboprop
T241 - Extended variant
C250 - Efficient twin-engine airlifter

[NEW!]F260A - Post stall aerobatic jet

[WIP]F260B - Maneuverable supersonic fighter/bomber


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Most popular airplane: F260A
Most part count: C250

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