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  • Comment upvote logic 4 months ago

    [funny comment]

  • Uh Oh... 2.5 years ago


  • jamesPlanesii Face reveel 2.6 years ago

    Get out of my yard!

  • Textured fuselage block: Smoothing success! 14 days ago

    @AndrewGarrison hire this person

  • The Great SimplePlanes Raid! 8 months ago

    Is that when you’re planning to upload your first plane lol

  • I have some ideas for changing the map in SimplePlanes 11 months ago

    • Remove the trench at Wright. In fact, re-do Wright. It’s terrible.
    • Make Krakabloa less melted cheese and more volcano-y and rocky
    • Add trees and a render system to make them impact the frame rate less (remove them at low terrain) (easier said than done)
    • Remove the windmills at Maywar and add something actually interesting and useful there instead
    • Get rid of the ice base and replace it with something that’s still interesting but doesn’t blow you up when you explore around the most scenic and useful area of the map
    • Add a mountainous island that’s large and has bush airstrips and nice landing spots, inspired by Alaska
    • Add a country side island with some small towns, roads, rivers, lakes, bridges etc
    • Populate the islands in the map with towns and cities etc.
    • More Easter eggs

  • What annoys you the most about the SP website? 1.1 years ago

    The class system that’s created by the elitist community, and the pressure they make to behave like a person who hasn’t heard of the word “joke”.
    yOu MakE jOke YoU’Re c h i l d I s h

  • Should SimplePlanes Have Multiplayer one year ago

    SP would be the best game ever for MP. But, the devs won’t add it to the game because they think it will have bugs...
    Should be high priority to add tbh.
    They also think it won’t run on mobile, and the small islands won’t run on mobile, and Maywar won’t run on mobile, and I imagine it’s the same story for transparent water.

    Which is all bull. To a high extent.

    I can run 2800 parts on my mobile device. Now tell me I can’t run Maywar on mobile, or use multiplayer.
    This is all dumb crap that’s based on devices made 5+ years ago. Mobile devices are pretty powerful now. It’s only dirt cheap stuff and kindles that can’t run this stuff now.
    It’s like the devs are living in the past or something. >:(

  • Why mobile users get bullied 4 months ago

    Because we can 😊😊😊

  • P-51D-30 Mustang 8 months ago

    Upvote this comment if you’re following this post lol

  • Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane 2.0 years ago

    Who else upvoted because of the first screenshot lmao

  • Super Tiny Beta (v1.10.105) 5 months ago

    Is the fact that we can now adjust the base and tip thickness of wings a prelude to the fact that you're finally gonna add realistic airfoils in the next update?

  • Goodbye, Randomusername... 1.2 years ago

    It was a massive overreaction with Randomusername too. I mean, Jesus Christ learn how to take a joke. And it did literally no harm to anyone too 🤦‍♂️. The only thing bad was Randomusername’s reaction. @HarrisCraft

  • First Comic Strip Of SimplePLanes 1.9 years ago

    Houses with roofs are for sissies

  • Things I'd like in sp 10 days ago

    I agree with all of these

  • pls gib attention I made this for 2 decades 4 months ago

    Just some hyper saturation and bright magenta, yellow and aqua, and it'll be perfect

  • Super Tiny Beta (v1.10.105) 5 months ago

    No semi hollow fuselages... again 😔

    Honestly I don't care what kind of update it is that you add these with; just as long as you add them. They're essential...

  • New moderator 9 months ago

    We did it boys
    Banter and telling jokes is no more!

  • [PINNED] Markdown Formatting 9 months ago

    Hah this has been highlighted lol. That’s cool ngl

  • BogdanX 10 months ago

    Who is this person I’ve never heard of him

  • What will jundroo decide to add to SP after SR2 is complete? 1.7 years ago

    Improve the crappy map lol

  • Looks like we have a liar on our hands 4 months ago

    Does this tiny little lie made over a year ago really mean enough that you should make a forum about this so that we all know?

  • birb poop 6 months ago

    My favourite thing about Kit Kat’s is you can replace the K’s with Sh’s and it’s a funny

  • SR2 7 months ago

    Kinda needs to be a map

  • FYI: A small update is being worked on 8 months ago

    Hurray finally lol.

    Please tell me it’s semi-hollow fuselages 🥺

  • German Corsair 9 months ago

    This doesn’t affect anyone in a negative way at all. In fact, it’s a meme with a good deed behind it. Why is there any reason to care that this has 123 upvotes? 🤷‍♂️

  • what happened To SpiritusRaptors account!? 10 months ago

    SR BANNED???
    What next? The sky starts falling???
    Tbh, out of all people to get banned, SR would be very close to the end of my list.
    Something isn’t right here...

  • GOG Summer Sale 10 months ago

    More like winter sale lol
    ~This was made by the Southern Hemisphere gang~

  • BogdanX 10 months ago

    We’re not insulting him on his points, we’re we’re disappointed by his massive ego, and the fact that this definitely won’t help it. @randomusername

  • I found Belugasub! 1.9 years ago


  • Ice Bucket Challenge at the "Jundroo Offices" (ie - my house) 1.9 years ago

    I’ve been thinking about this video
    Did he legit pee on your head or was it set up

  • SP’s most detailed post on SP’s most detailed posts post 2.3 years ago

    One teaser per plane plz

  • community renders 4 8 months ago

    Ngl it is kinda full of people who find joy out of ruining people’s days...

  • He’s gone 8 months ago

    He was a fantastic builder, probably the best here, no denying that. But tbh you really can’t say the same thing about his personality. Have you ever tried to tell him something or change his mind about something? It’ll be two days later and you’ll still be arguing... Bloated ego :/

  • SimplePlanes - Player Content Feature #2 8 months ago

    Where is German Corsair

  • Tutorial Plane 10 months ago

    The tutorial plane really needs to include how to do fuselage blocks, and paint crafts.

  • I might join SP! one year ago

    I’d say SP is one of the least toxic communities on the internet. :)

  • Omg it's cancerous what have I done... one year ago

    Berndrew Sandison

  • Can someone make me or lead me to an insanely high HP engine mod? Any help is appreciated 1.3 years ago

    Go the the in-game home page, go to mods, click on fine tuner, activate it, go into the level, and grab a jet engine or whatever part you want to mod.
    If you have a get engine, open overload, click the menu at the top and click “jetEngine”, and under that menu, click powerMultiplier and increase the number next to that.
    If you have a prop, open overload, open the menu at the top and click” PropEngineAdvanced”, then at the top of the thing there should be a thing that says power, and adjust the number next to it. Note that the number it shows is twice as high as the number of horsepower the plane has.

  • No More 1.9 years ago

    Do whatever you feel is right :)

  • SPBC Is a bad server one month ago


  • Uranus 8 months ago

    Your ainus

  • German Corsair 9 months ago

    People are just jealous of it’s ground breaking design

  • *upvotes twice* one year ago

    I’m doing it too much too

  • nothing is confirmed 1.1 years ago

    I think my biggest suggestion for the game is to not over complicate the designer to the point where it feels like trying to run in your sleep. Looks at SR2
    The great thing about SimplePlanes is building doesn’t feel awkward at all. Making really detailed stuff is really easy because you can do every action in the designer at the same time and you can do it without deselecting any parts (apart from painting but that’s okay). Tbh my only complaint about the designer would be that trying to place parts on stuff can be extremely regarded sometimes. A better system for that would be nice. But, don’t get rid of all the attachment points on the parts like SR2 because that’s also seriously annoying.

    I would say the thing that would be excellent in SP is proper, realistic physics, like wind deflection and proper aerodynamics, rather than just parts that have “drag” that just resist moving.
    That would be cool.

  • . . . . . . . . . 1.1 years ago

    Here’ a hack with bad successors:
    Upvote and spotlight them so you get heaps of bonus points and wait a day before you report it and it gets removed.
    Free bonus points! :D

  • Moderator announcement: About profile pictures 1.2 years ago

    Oh, that’s me out then. This picture is too sexy :(

  • Tesla probably use SP to design cyber truck 1.4 years ago

    The 80s called.
    They want their “futuristic” design language back

  • [Finn·Balor]The Devil's heart 2.3 years ago

    Are you TakeYourLife3000?