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I really like modifying or making planes and vehicles. I really REALLY like chickens. My favorite breed of chickens is the Speckled Sussex. I am also somewhat of a chicken expert. But back to Simpleplanes, I enjoy making unique aircraft and vehicles. My favorite quote is "We will not go silently into the night" from the movie Independence Day.
Some of my other hobbies include Legos, working on my tree house, collecting coins, and coming up with my own recipes. Aircraft is a huge hobby in which I will make many different kinds of aircraft, some of the ones I have made before include: Ornithopters, Gliders, Paper Planes, and propeller powered paper planes. I have been playing Simpleplanes for a few years now but the account is new since I just started to want to upload planes. I hope that my planes, or something else I made has proven fun to you and made your day.
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