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Hey guys!

I am a modder! when I am not making bad replica Concordes or planes with bad names I am trying to get navigation to work and I'm insecure about my IQ. Its very frustrating! but hey, we now have more maps to play on!

The hardest part of modding is not comming up with what you want to add, or even modelling it! It's C#, you need to know it before you start. Or you end up making bad mods like me! ;)

PS: I fixed your grammar.

PPS: WNP78 can die (not actually, you’re useful to nag on to help me with code and stuff)

If anybody actually ever reads this, make a forum post and tag me. Name the forum: I dedicate this to my most loved modder who has a tiktok addiction. Then the body of the forum:14ROVI.
Thank you :)

If Nicky edits this one more time then I will get very very mad >:(