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Sb 2

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Title : Sb-2
Other names : ANT-40
Type : Front-line bomber.(light-bomber)


I have two reasons why I built this one: I want to make a set of Soviet bombers, and there all (planned) are four-engine and I added it for a change, and also everyone who played at the low ranks of Soviet aviation in war thunder know this plane (and me too).
He was ready yesterday, but due to problems with the Internet, he is only here today.

Short description

Soviet front-line bomber, developed in 1936 at the Tupolev Design Bureau. It has been repeatedly modernized. It features a high speed for a bomber of its time.


Ag1 = front turret.
Ag2 = top turret.
Ag3 = bottom turret.
Ag4 = bomb hatch.
Trim (without Ag1, Ag2, Ag3) =trim, else =vertical aiming.
VTOL =horizontal aiming.
The original did not have flaps, and neither does it here.


Front turret :7.62 mm mashine gun (ShKAS) x2
Top turret:7.62 mm mashine gun (ShKAS) x1
Bottom turret : 7.62 mm mashine gun (ShKAS) x1

100 kg bombs x 6
(Note the unusual way of attaching bombs (like the original))

top speed

near ground

420 km/h.

at high

3600 m : 470 km/h.
May more.

And finally, a few photos from the tests (there was a problem with the wings (now solved)).I found it funny.

General Characteristics

  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 65.2ft (19.9m)
  • Length 43.2ft (13.2m)
  • Height 15.8ft (4.8m)
  • Empty Weight 4,169lbs (1,891kg)
  • Loaded Weight 14,370lbs (6,518kg)


  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.134
  • Wing Loading 16.3lbs/ft2 (79.8kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 879.3ft2 (81.7m2)
  • Drag Points 4042


  • Number of Parts 142
  • Control Surfaces 4
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    2,822 Astro12

    not big

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    big and COOL!

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    really beautiful plane. this deserves more upvotes imo

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    2,822 Astro12


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    flappy bomber go brrrrr

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    Ля какой. Но как по мне - надо чуть покопаться с цветом. Больно уж яркий он
    С меня в любом случае апвоут

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    2,822 Astro12

    IT. IS. COOL.

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    Astro can try building a plane with a cockpit

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