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Dassault Mystère IVB

43.1k SimplyPlain  2 days ago
Auto Credit Based on MAHADI's COLD WAR Challenge


I was going to do a Super Mystère, but there's already one in the challenge. So I tuned it down one notch...

A process of aerodynamic refinement of the original Mystère IV (later called the "IVA") led to the Mystère IVB in 1953. The IVB was intended for an afterburning SNECMA Atar 101G axial-flow engine in place of the non-afterburning centrifugal- flow Tay or Verdon of the IVA. It was featured an entirely redesigned fuselage of increased fineness ratio, an upper engine air intake lip for the radar ranging aerial in place of the splitter-plate conical body and a lower-mounted horizontal tail.

The IVB was promising, but meanwhile Dassault's designers developed a new wing for better performance. The IVB project was abandoned; the hull design was re-used, and in combination with the new wing resulted in the first "Super Mystère" prototype.

The build / Controls

This IVB is fairly detailed, or so I hope. There's not too much available in terms of photo's or blueprints; it looks like an IVA and a Super had a baby. For the livery, I borrowed from the standard paintjobs of both the IVA and the Super.

Controls are few, since the Mystère IVB is not a high-tech plane; AG1 for air brakes, AG2 for drop tanks. All other controls are quite standard and straightforward.


Like the "standard" Mystère IV, the IVB would definitely get twin 30 mm DEFA cannons. What it would otherwise have been equipped with if it had reached the production stage is a bit of a guess...

I gave the plane two Nord Aviation 5103 missiles (also known as the AA-20) since their development began in 1953 like that of the IVB. The AA-20 was command-guided by radio, and the pilot had to manually guide it to the target with a joystick.

Since the Mystère was intended for ground attacks as well, I fitted it with a Matra 116M rocket launcher holding 19x 68 mm rockets. The 116M is a disposable launcher; the streamline caps pop off when you fire the first rocket, and once empty the launcer is automatically dumped.



General Characteristics

  • Predecessor COLD WAR Challenge
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 36.5ft (11.1m)
  • Length 44.7ft (13.6m)
  • Height 15.6ft (4.8m)
  • Empty Weight 12,793lbs (5,802kg)
  • Loaded Weight 18,890lbs (8,568kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 2.974
  • Wing Loading 26.4lbs/ft2 (128.9kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 715.8ft2 (66.5m2)
  • Drag Points 5182


  • Number of Parts 1042
  • Control Surfaces 0

Required Mods

  • _Mechanical_Instrumentation by Gestour
    Version 1.0 (3/18/2019 6:06:03 AM)
    View Mod Page
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    2,548 russianspy

    Can you make a Tu-95?, there is only one good Tu-95 on the site. And that is Bogdans Bear. Just asking :)

    22 hours ago
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    26.9k ChiChiWerx

    @Daisghosh123 easy fix: Download the build, the interface will display the warning message that the build requires mod(s), then hit the “back” arrow in the bottom left of the construction screen, you’ll see the default starting point (the cockpit with the two blocks stuck to the bottom), then hit the “forward” button and the build, without the mods included, should load up.

    +1 yesterday
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    I dont know why android users cant use the mods like instrumention we are missing so many great aircrafts

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    @KnightOfRen holy shit really? It's 1000 parts i feel bad for the man :(

    2 days ago
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    2,548 russianspy

    @KnightOfRen feels bad man

    2 days ago
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    27.3k KnightOfRen

    Damn, no upvotes in 40 minutes?

    2 days ago