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F-36 Thorny Devil II (Geound Support)

10.5k JED  one year ago
Auto Credit Based on JED's F-36 Thorny Devil II

Ghost Works is proud to present the long awaited F-36 Thorny Devil II Ground Support Variant! The F-36 or "Thorny Devil" (as it is most widely know as) is a 5+ generation multi roll air superiority fighter aircraft that incorporates advanced avionics such as cooperative A.I. called "FAP" (F.A.P., Flawless Allied Pilot) tied with machine learning, an almost 100% carbon fiber airframe, fly-by-wire, and a pulse jet engine. With the F1136 multi function advanced variable cycle pulse jet engine (developed by Ghost Works and General Electric) the F-36 is capable of supercruise at any altitude and can fly at extremely high altitudes (far beyond any other similar jet/s in service) without giving any Infrared signature. The F-36 all in all has a RCS (Radar Cross Section) of a flea, and is able to sneak into any area of the world, no matter how heavenly guarded it may be. The F-36 has a max internal hardpoint count of 8 plus 6 hardpoints outside mounted on the wings. With cutting edge technologies such as a virtual cockpit, HMD (Helmet Mounted Display), and other classified technology, continued upgrades and modernization this jet will be inservice for years and go far into the 23rd century.

Another futuristic feature of the F-36 is it's DLVRC (Direct Linked Virtual Reality Cockpit). DLVRC is a simulator that can be assembled in any building anywhere is the world that has direct link to the F-36. DLVRC uses the electrical energy in the air to connect to the F-36 (no matter where the F-36 is) this direct link has unlimited range. DLVRC is mainly used for training the AI (FAP) and operating in a high threat environment. The pilot flies the F-36 remotely through the DLVRC simulator and then the simulator shares all the data (flaws and all) to FAP and then FAP learns the flight patterns and maneuvers and improves the flaws that the pilot may have made.

Controls: All Normal
Throttle forward; engines fires up.
Throttle backward; brakes
Yaw Left; turns left
Yaw Right; turns right
Pitch forward; nose goes down
Pitch backward; nose goes up
Roll Left; rolls left
Roll Right; rolls right

2x AIM-9X Sidewinder
4x JDAM Bomb
And 4x GBU-12 Paveway II

Activation Groups:
1. Open/Close Weapons Bay Doors
2. Extend/Retract Refueling Probe
3. Activate/Deactivate Afterburners
4. Open/Close Canopy
5. On/Off Navigation Lights
6. On/Off Formation Lights
7. Drop All Payload
8. None

Ground Support Varient

Thank You all for Your support, if You like the Ground Support version of the F-36 please comment down below with Your likes and any other thoughts You have.

Thanks Again.



General Characteristics

  • Predecessor F-36 Thorny Devil II
  • Successors 1 airplane(s)
  • Created On iOS
  • Wingspan 42.7ft (13.0m)
  • Length 64.6ft (19.7m)
  • Height 19.8ft (6.0m)
  • Empty Weight 9,298lbs (4,217kg)
  • Loaded Weight 50,199lbs (22,770kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 2.686
  • Wing Loading 6.2lbs/ft2 (30.4kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 8,067.5ft2 (749.5m2)
  • Drag Points 2225


  • Number of Parts 782
  • Control Surfaces 6
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    10.5k JED

    Yes it would, I know that, this is in "Beast Mode" but without the external pylons it would be stealth @Aeromen

    one year ago
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    10.5k JED

    Hey man, no problem @SemedianIndustries

    one year ago
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    @JED I must also thank you for your teachings, sensei

    one year ago
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    10.5k JED

    Thank You @SemedianIndustries so much for the upvote and spotlight, I really appreciated the support because this is one of my personal favorite versions of the F-36

    one year ago