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Hemtt (LHS)

7,440 BlunderBirb  1.9 years ago


Finally this is done!!! took me about a week. It isnt as detailed as I'd like it to be, potato cant handle even this. It turns into a 1fps slideshow whenever I change something from low settings.



  • Horsepower: 700
    -Top speed: 80 unloaded, 72 with empty container.
  • Handling: Poor, but remember its a 8.5 tonne truck, not a racing car, dont turn it hard after 25mph
  • Loading system: Load handling system with a forklift.
  • Suspension: Due to the performence issues its bare minimum leaf type.
  • Container: Provided container is a 13 x 7 x 5 from @Firepower1000, you can find a separate one HERE but it can work with most type of containers as long as the forks can get under the container.


  • Pitch: Gas
  • Yaw: Steering
  • Brake: Brake
  • AG2: Container doors
    (Scroll down to see how to oparate the LHS)
  • AG1: LHS Primary arm
  • VTOL : LHS Secondary arm
  • AG3 : LHS Locking Magnets


  • #Unloading:


1) Pull Vtol from neutral to Half up
2) Activate AG1
3) Pull Vtol 95%(Basically close to full but not completely) up after AG1 is complete

A known issue is the lift bumping into the
ground and pushing the vehicles backside into
air for a moment, I couldnt resolve this issue

  • #Loading A container:

1) Align the fork with the slit under the Container (Camera 1 will help you in this)
2) Reverse slowly into it, while doing this you might get stuck, then pull vtol up to 100% and use maximum reverse.
3) When the fork is completely under the container, use AG3 and lock it with the magnets.
4) Pull the vtol slider down to 40-50%
5) deactivate AG1
6) Pull Vtol down to -100%(completely down)

Do not Activate AG3(Magnets) when you dont
have a container over the fork and dont
deactivate while carrying a container

This LHS is a fragile system, use it with slow inputs, dont rush it.

I hope you have a pc, or else
you are going to have a baad time


General Characteristics

  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 16.2ft (4.9m)
  • Length 80.9ft (24.7m)
  • Height 16.5ft (5.0m)
  • Empty Weight 18,009lbs (8,169kg)
  • Loaded Weight 18,757lbs (8,508kg)


  • Wing Loading 348.5lbs/ft2 (1,701.6kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 53.8ft2 (5.0m2)
  • Drag Points 22310


  • Number of Parts 455
  • Control Surfaces 0
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    I’m using iPhone 6s on max settings
    and this works fine

    1.7 years ago
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    7,440 BlunderBirb

    @GeneralOliverVonBismarck The reddit screenshots are pretty bad tho. I forgot to use the freecam for those

    1.9 years ago
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    I saw this on reddit @Adityo0502

    +1 1.9 years ago
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    The Grizzly truck is already finished, but the Jaeger Air Defense System is not, and I want to upload Jaeger first.

    +1 1.9 years ago
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    7,440 BlunderBirb

    @8bitgamer33 Its possibly because it is heavier on the left side because of the gas tank

    1.9 years ago
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    For some reason it turns off to the side when starting or when deploying the hook.

    1.9 years ago
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    “Turns into 1fps slide show” you mean a PowerPoint presentation? Eks dee

    +1 1.9 years ago
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    *laughs in iPhone * jk XD

    +1 1.9 years ago
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    10.8k shipster

    What a beast

    +1 1.9 years ago
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    7,440 BlunderBirb

    @JohnnyBoythePilot How long till your's one is finished?

    1.9 years ago
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    1.9 years ago
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    7,440 BlunderBirb

    @BogdanX Thanks, I didnt realise I didnt change the tires to matte, and got it.

    1.9 years ago
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    @Adityo0502 np

    +1 1.9 years ago
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    7,440 BlunderBirb

    @ChiyomiAnzai @BlackhattAircraft @Saturnite Thanks

    1.9 years ago