Messerschmitt Me-262 A-1a 'Schwalbe'

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Auto Credit Based on BaconAircraft's -[FINISHED!]- WORLD WAR 2 CHALLENGE!

The Messerschmitt Me 262, nicknamed Schwalbe (German: "Swallow") in fighter versions, or Sturmvogel (German: "Storm Bird") in fighter-bomber versions, was the world's first operational jet-powered fighter aircraft.[5] Design work started before World War II began, but problems with engines, metallurgy and top-level interference kept the aircraft from operational status with the Luftwaffe until mid-1944. The Me 262 was faster and more heavily armed than any Allied fighter, including the British jet-powered Gloster Meteor.[6] One of the most advanced aviation designs in operational use during World War II,[7] the Me 262's roles included light bomber, reconnaissance and experimental night fighter versions.

Me 262 pilots claimed a total of 542 Allied kills[8] The Allies countered its potential effectiveness in the air by attacking the aircraft on the ground and during takeoff and landing. Engine reliability problems, from the pioneering nature of its Junkers Jumo 004 axial-flow turbojet engines—the first ever placed in mass production—and attacks by Allied forces on fuel supplies during the deteriorating late-war situation also reduced the effectiveness of the aircraft as a fighting force. In the end, the Me 262 had a negligible impact on the course of the war as a result of its late introduction and the consequently small numbers put in operational service.

The Me 262 that we see here was painted in a Bavaria-themed scheme. It's similar to the old one, but there are a few changes besides the new paint scheme. I've also added a 'few' R4M rockets under the wings for bomber repelling purposes.


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor -[FINISHED!]- WORLD WAR 2 CHALLENGE!
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 42.3ft (12.9m)
  • Length 34.8ft (10.6m)
  • Height 11.6ft (3.5m)
  • Empty Weight 10,817lbs (4,906kg)
  • Loaded Weight 17,345lbs (7,867kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 3.886
  • Wing Loading 65.1lbs/ft2 (317.9kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 266.4ft2 (24.8m2)
  • Drag Points 6610


  • Number of Parts 301
  • Control Surfaces 5
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    9,570 LESTERLIJX

    Thank you for your upvotes.

    22 days ago
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    9,823 vonhubert

    @BogdanX i actually like the way it flies. Me-262 was succeptible to stall and difficult to control, and this one feels just like this.

    one year ago
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    3,683 Bluerobot11

    L-133 would still wreck its face

    one year ago
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    59.1k Sarpanitu

    Looks great apart from mirrored swastika on left side. But @BogdanX is right, if you're using structural wings on the main wings you have to change their airfoil manually.

    one year ago
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    159k BogdanX

    Never use symmetric airfoil for main wings, it flies like crap.
    Semi by default or flat if you have nose drop issue.
    Trust me, just put flat and you'll see a big improvement

    one year ago
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    34.8k bjac0


    one year ago