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Handley Page HP.54 Harrow Mk III

13.7k Avro683Lancaster  2 months ago
Auto Credit Based on FairFireFight's Government Request Challenge! (CLOSED)

For @FairFireFight's Bomber Challenge

Reupload due to incorrect successor


Handley page Harrow

A Royal Air Force 1930s Heavy Bomber, the Handley Page H.P.54 Harrow was designed for the Air Ministry Specification C.26/31, a requirement for a bomber-Transporter to replace the Vickers Valentia. The aircraft was developed from the H.P.51, which was itself a twin engine modification of the HP.43, a trimotor biplane. The aircraft chosen for this specification was the Bristol 130 Bombay, although Specification B.29/35 was written for an order of 100 Harrows as frontline bombers. These aircraft were separated in to 19 Mk Is, with 620kW Pegasus X engines, and 81 Mk IIs, with 690kW Pegasus XX engines. The aircraft had little service as a bomber, being phased out of the frontline bomber role by the end of 1939, although remained as transports until 1945. During the Blitz, Six harrow were used to lay Aerial Mines in front of oncoming bombers, although this system was credited with destroying around 6 German aircraft. Three harrows were also used by Flight Refuelling Limited and used to develop the concept of In-flight Refuelling, going on to refuel Short Empire Flying boats on transatlantic flights.

The Mk III (fictional)

Ordered By the RAF following the Fall of France, the Mk III improved upon the Mk II, increasing the defensive armament from four Lewis guns, two in the tail and one in the dorsal & nose turret, to eight M2 Brownings, four in the tail and two each in the nose and dorsal turrets, and replacing the plain flaps of the Mk II with split flaps. These aircraft were used as frontline medium bombers, and in the maritime patrol and AEW&C roles, where they acted as both mission and support aircraft, extending mission time through in-flight refueling.

Aircraft Data

Flight Performance

  • Max speed at 15000 ft: 330mph
  • Total Fuel Load: 914gal
  • Flight time at 15000ft: 4hr 22m
  • Range at 15000ft: 1441mi
  • Bomb Load: 18x 250 pound bombs, 4500 pounds total
  • Takeoff Speed: 160mph
  • Landing Speed: 120mph

(Note: Does not account for taxi, takeoff, climb, descent, or landing)

Activation Groups

AG1: Bomb doors
AG2: Nose turret
AG3: Mid-upper turret
AG4: Tail turret
AG6: Unlock tailwheel
AG7: Gyroscope
AG8: Deactivate control surfaces, lock flaps

Special Controls

AG 8

VTOL Down: Flaps

AG 2, 3, 4

Pitch: Turret Elevation
Roll: Turret Traverse


Camera 1: Bombardier
Camera 2: Nose gunner
Camera 3: Mid-upper gunner
Camera 4: Tail-end Charlie
Camera 5: Bomb


  • Excessive use of wheel brakes will cause aircraft to tip forwards
  • Increasing flaps will increase drag
  • Deactivate control surfaces (AG 8) before using turrets
  • Turret Camera number matches turret Activation Group


  • Set flaps to 1/2
  • Set trim to -1 (nose up)
  • Increase throttle to 100%
  • wait for aircraft to lift off at 160mph
  • reduce flaps to 1/4 and climb to altitude
  • Reduce throttle to 10~15%
  • Slowly extend flaps to 1
  • Use brakes sparingly


Fw 190C from @costr


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor Government Request Challenge! (CLOSED)
  • Successors 1 airplane(s)
  • This plane has been featured
  • Created On Mac
  • Wingspan 98.3ft (29.9m)
  • Length 86.6ft (26.4m)
  • Height 22.3ft (6.8m)
  • Empty Weight 16,866lbs (7,650kg)
  • Loaded Weight 22,999lbs (10,432kg)


  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.08
  • Wing Loading 17.0lbs/ft2 (83.2kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 1,349.0ft2 (125.3m2)
  • Drag Points 2145


  • Number of Parts 615
  • Control Surfaces 10
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    @Avro683Lancaster i love your trans flag profile pic

    2 months ago
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    @Avro683Lancaster You should try making a Avro Manchester!

    2 months ago
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    399 Jerba

    This has amazing low speed maneuverability and gliding. I glided this from 10000 to 12000, no engines, no bombs, halfway between Wright and krakorolba. I was gonna go over bandit but dived down, glided over most of the runway, and touched down at 200mph ish. Couldn’t stop, so I pulled up late, skimmed the ground, turning right at a 30ish degree angle, very low speed. And I Tokyo drifted my back wheel on the ground, while doing this, came in, landed with a almost butter on the trail behind bandit, and stopped. I love this plane.

    2 months ago
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    28.4k TheOwlAce

    Amazing work, it almost looks like a model ripped from Cliffs of Dover

    2 months ago
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    25.9k RASEN1914

    Great build, i love it!

    2 months ago
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    21.7k Mustang51

    @Avro683Lancaster well you most certainly succeeded!

    2 months ago
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    @Mustang51 Thanks, I put quite a bit of effort into making them effective and simple (as much as things i make are)

    2 months ago
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    i like this bomber its super cool and takes off fast i love it

    2 months ago
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    21.7k Mustang51

    The turret controls on this are so nice. I’ve been using this plane in dogfights for the past 30 minutes and it’s very fun

    2 months ago
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    6,729 wolf211

    Very nice😃

    2 months ago
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    Thanks for the Entry!

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    76.8k MAHADI


    2 months ago
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    This is one of my favorite bombers!

    2 months ago
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    70.6k Treadmill103

    Great to see lesser known planes being built!

    2 months ago
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    21.7k Mustang51

    Wow, this is really amazing. Fantastic job here on this lovely bomber

    2 months ago