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R-101W Delphinus Plus

1,324 Yeetboii  1.3 years ago
Auto Credit Based on Yeetboii's R-177 Delphinus FM

Welp, this thing took me like 3 days and I feel like it looks like garbage but im really lazy and tired so. This was a pain in my backside cause the actual shape of the delphinus is just so weird it looks like a duck bill, it has that look that really no other plane had so I bulit it cause it's unique. The very front part looks really off to me and I tried to get the shape as close as I could. Based of the R-101 cynthia (I think) the wings im proud of and work like they should.

At 530 mph take the gear in it will take off trust me. It takes a while to take off, top speed is 1700+ mph. The brake in mid air helps you turn better just a bit when dog fighting up close, no weapons just the 20mm gun it's supposed to have lol. When landing wait till 200 mph to touch, and be careful cause it doesn't like to land and will wobble if you cant.

I'm proud of it but it doesn't have the look I was going for. A still beautiful and worthy craft nonetheless.


General Characteristics

  • Predecessor R-177 Delphinus FM
  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 46.0ft (14.0m)
  • Length 64.1ft (19.5m)
  • Height 13.3ft (4.1m)
  • Empty Weight -4,734,385lbs (-2,147,483kg)
  • Loaded Weight 22,310lbs (10,119kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 6.345
  • Wing Loading 64.9lbs/ft2 (316.9kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 343.8ft2 (31.9m2)
  • Drag Points 2574


  • Number of Parts 240
  • Control Surfaces 2