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Austroraptor Cabazai V-1.0

37.4k winterro  2 months ago
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Auto Credit Based on winterro's Austroraptor cabazai (walkerizing challenge)

This is the Austroraptor. it has a head bit like a spinosaurus, this is due to it benig a fish-eater too.


throttle to walk/run

Roll to steer/move head

Yaw to wag the tail

Pitch to elevate head

VTOL to bite

TRIM to change body-posture

LandingGear to switch between walking mode(28 mp/h) and running mode(65-81 mp/h)


General Characteristics


  • Wing Loading 40.9lbs/ft2 (199.5kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 181.6ft2 (16.9m2)
  • Drag Points 124


  • Number of Parts 306
  • Control Surfaces 0
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    16.4k DripYeager

    this build is my yt channel profile lol, thanks to u i made my yt channel!

    +1 26 days ago
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    1,894 KingOog000
    2 months ago
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    8,410 SkyIer
    2 months ago
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    1,655 Tejdz

    this bad boy wreaking havoc in multiplayer. its got dat chonker bonker of a mouth, razor sharp teth. will chew ur plen in 1 sec

    +1 2 months ago