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[M] F-35X Lightning II

16.0k ShockRF  2.1 years ago

A fictional variant of an F-35 inspired by F-35X from Vector Thrust videogame featuring the forward-swept wing and upgraded agility. Inner-mounted gun is also included. Well, it shouldn't have VTOL abilities, but it has, because I was too lazy to remove them
Also, a special variant with Widow from Shadow Fight 2 videogame is incoming

Armed with a 180-locking, zero-lock-time missiles
AG1 for gyro/autopilot
AG8 for variable roll sensitivity
VTOL down for VTOL mode/ AG1 enabled recommended. Enjoy!

General Characteristics

  • Created On Windows
  • Wingspan 24.1ft (7.4m)
  • Length 25.7ft (7.8m)
  • Height 9.0ft (2.7m)
  • Empty Weight -4,734,385lbs (-2,147,483kg)
  • Loaded Weight 16,210lbs (7,353kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 0.831
  • Wing Loading 11.1lbs/ft2 (54.4kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 1,454.1ft2 (135.1m2)
  • Drag Points 2007


  • Number of Parts 91
  • Control Surfaces 10