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The Expeller Model 8

268 LieutenantSOT  2 months ago

This is the 8th and possibly final design of the Expeller. This one is far faster and larger wingspan-wise than its predecessors. The backstory: Originally drew the design on graph paper as a fun thing, based on the B-29 Super Fortress. It originally did not have a boomer wing or rear prop, but instead three blocks of propellers in the front. This design, 8, was based on my final drawing and has a redesigned front wings with extra space for missles, rockets, bombs, etc. This one was based on the Italian Caproni ca.3. The real one would use rotatable cannons and a bomb bay. 1 is for top 90° turret and 2 is for bottom 180° turret. The actions 1 and 2 also activates the machine guns so you don't shoot the turrets at the wrong time. 6 25s, 2 50s, 3 torps. Hope you enjoy and I promise I will make a tank next, no bs. -Lt. SOT

General Characteristics

  • Created On Android
  • Wingspan 111.9ft (34.1m)
  • Length 47.0ft (14.3m)
  • Height 27.2ft (8.3m)
  • Empty Weight 31,299lbs (14,197kg)
  • Loaded Weight 40,699lbs (18,461kg)


  • Power/Weight Ratio 0.552
  • Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.359
  • Wing Loading 47.1lbs/ft2 (230.1kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 863.7ft2 (80.2m2)
  • Drag Points 11350


  • Number of Parts 220
  • Control Surfaces 13
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    This was some weird mix of a B29 Fortress, Caproni ca.3, and Gotha G.V. It is going to have a bomb bay, top AA machine gun, maybe be capable of breaking the sound barrier so it will have special propellers and strong turboprops. Front props grant stability, rear ones grant speed. Jet engines are going to be experimental hybrid engines (this plane will be mostly electric with micro generators on board). The prop with the jet will use its thrust to create a strong vortex into the jet chamber and the gas will heat up either by electrical heaters and arcs or by fuel. There is no rear cannon, but maybe a cargo door on the rear or sides. It will have a bomb crew, cannoneers, a mechanic and medic, a pilot and co-pilot, and 2 gunners on board. Will be about the size of the Boeing B29 as well with much larger wing span (like this design, but bigger and better looking). It will also feature A-G missles on the bottom gunner and the cannons will be rotatable. The front guns will be .50 cal (not 20 mm). Meant for anything that is necessary and may have a catapult for aircraft carriers because of its small take-off space needs. This is just to clarify what it could actually do and I'm gonna make another one when I get the game again (after the tank). Sorry they aren't too good, but it's fun to do. Just a check-in

    Pinned 2 months ago
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    I'm back officially. Be prepared for a new upload

    15 days ago
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    Okay then... It might be a while. I am almost at the point of being able to get this game, but it might still be a month or two.
    I now have 5 new designs I want to make here, 2 helicopters and 3 new planes. I am also working on redesigning the Expeller. I hope to be back soon

    20 days ago
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    Here's probably the final check-in. I am going to get the game in at least 2 weeks, if Google Rewards lets me, and I have 2 concepts I want to make when this happens: The Blitzableiter is getting redesigned right now and turned into a Flying wing in a pusher configuration. It will be a long range mach 1 bomber-recon with 2 Contra-rotating turboprops and 2 very powerful jets and possibly a bomb bay on the bottom if I feel creative and it may have extendable cleavers inside... who knows. Then the Baby Hawk is a Swept wing very fast aircraft that will be used for short-long range AA and Reconnaissance. Then the Red Poppy is the tank that will be a remade Mk. V tank. This is an update of my plans. I am also redesigning the Expeller (it will look the same, but with more changes to make it look slightly more modern but with the ww2 feel). -Lt. SOT

    2 months ago
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    thank you @Inuyasha8215! Sorry for the late reply

    2 months ago
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    Google Play Pass ran out, can't play SimplePlanes for a while... :(. Will get it ASAP

    +1 2 months ago
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    @Tailasy thank you!

    2 months ago
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    The Thunder Hawk's motto

    2 months ago
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    Per Bella Hiemem- Through the Storm of War

    2 months ago