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Lightning Aircraft Industries - Delta 19D2

1,543 ND40X  8 months ago

(Note: there are no flaps due to the VTOL action being used for the VTOL nozzles).

HISTORY: In the past, VTOL bombers had been built, tested and flown, but none were successful enough to be used. But in the year 2020, The Company 'Lightning Aircraft Industries' that is set in England, built a VTOL bomber called the 'Delta 19D2' that was and still is very successful. The aircraft has two seats in the cockpit, one for the pilot and another for the navigator. The aircraft is actually a; bomber, ground attacker and fighter (although it is more bomber and ground attack than a fighter). Two more items for the aircraft is that it is equipped with an electronic warfare radar on the top of the vertical stabilizer and the aircraft is branded with a neon green lightning bolt.

TAKEOFF METHOD: to take off from an airport (e.g. bandit airport), you increase the throttle to 44%, wait for it to go up around 330 ft, then slide the VTOL slider to the top, quickly increase throttle to 100% to get enough speed to stay airborne, and then fly away. (you can land this how you like).

ARNAMENT: 1x 30mm Hispano auto-cannon, 6x Inferno air-to-ground missiles, 8x Boom 25.

CONTROLS (For Computer): AG1 + Trim-down = Open bomb bay door, AG2 = activate boom 25's, AG3 = Activate Inferno missles, V = Deploy Chaff and Flares, ALT = Drop bombs or fire missles, SPACE = Fire auto-cannon, G = retract - lower Landing Gear.

General Characteristics


  • Power/Weight Ratio 0.529
  • Wing Loading 50.8lbs/ft2 (248.0kg/m2)
  • Wing Area 1,003.0ft2 (93.2m2)
  • Drag Points 16019


  • Number of Parts 155
  • Control Surfaces 5
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    1,543 ND40X

    Thank you for the feedback. I will look into the design and try to improve it based on your feedback.

    8 months ago
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    21.3k LegnaK

    Handling, stability, agility: 9/10 - Handles very nicely, however there is a slight problem that the aircraft seems a little too nose heavy. It's mobility is nice and low, fitting for a bomber role.
    Realistic model and behavior: 8/10 - the wings do flail slightly, aside from that, the aircraft behaves nicely. 
    Details, paint and other: 8/10 - love the design of the roundels, however the stripey grey and green are something that I had to adjust to a bit.
    Build quality: 9/10 - Functions well and looks great! It's very nicely done, however its just that wing flail that hurts her.
    Personal impression: 10/10 - From the moment I seen this aircraft I knew I was going to have some fun with it, and it did not disappoint.
    Description: 10/10 - good description, nicely laid out.

    final score: 54/60

    8 months ago
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    1,543 ND40X

    thank you

    8 months ago
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    21.3k LegnaK

    Very Nice!

    8 months ago