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Building Cool Cars EP8

75.5k TakicraftCorporation  1.4 years ago



As you may seen, the Takswagen Cuberunner Retroflash is out. I released it, because it's hard to talk about this phase without a visible post. Now, i'll show some tips about post creating, screenshot making, and everything else what you may need for a great post. So bring it on!

Nowadays, only a post with no context is not a vise move, if you want to get those sweet amount of upvotes. But a more important reason why you need a great description is the allure.
You can add plenty little details, side stories, screenshots and so much more to your build, and that will show that you actually spent as many time as you can with this whole project. This shows that your creation must be a well-built model. And yeah, this phase
requires a lot of creativity.

Post writing is all about to making an atmosphere for your build. This contains a lot more than just a text about controls


Imagine that you try to sell your build. (Because actually this is what you do) You know what you have, you know what's the benefits of that vehicle.
What are the good traits of it. You can even mention the source of inspiration. At the Cuberunner, i wanted to reflect that this is a car what my followers wanted. So this is literally they car. Also the rally atmosphere is well-expressed. Use little jokes. people like funny things. Or 'Easter Eggs'. For example with colors. (Yeah i'm gon'na reveal some now) The Cuberunner color name: 'Monte Carlo Red' is a reference to the famous Lancia rally cars.
The 'Infinity Purple' color name for the Landsman Crossback, is a reference to Thanos, because the car's front bumper looks like Thanos's chin.
The Takswagen Stella-R is a reference to a character called Stella Star, from an old (and comically bad) Sci-Fi movie 'Starcrash'

Almost every buid name comes from a song title, or has a little reference to Hungary (my home country) I usually put those (mostly synthwave) songs into the description. The Cuberunner's 'theme song' is Wormhole 2.0 by Wice. The song also has a great clip with Group B footages. It's a great song to listen while you drive the car.

You can create for your build a complete mechanical backstory, engine specs, aerodynamics, etc...


For this, you gonna need a clever mod called Upload with screenshots by @CarnationRED.
This allows you to make better main pictures. Try to choose an exciting location, that expresses your build's characteristics. If your build has interior, make sure you show that on the main shots. I recommend you to insert other pictures in the description as well. A 'wallpaper-style' stage shot with text is a great choice, it only requires some Microsoft Paint skills. Unfortunatley, in the game the cars does not generate tire smoke, or dust while driving. So you need to be tricky when you want to add motion effects for your shot.

Wallpaper-style screenshot

I think this is all. You got everithing now to release awesome cars. Always try to be original. Tuning other's build is also cool, but do it wisely. (Adding or removing 5 parts from something is not a great one) Believe it, you are a creative mind! You are good and brave enoug to make your own stuffs!
Don't worry if it's not the best, everybody have started somewhere. Check out the difference between my first and my recent car. That's 2 years of practice, and learning.

Thank you all for following this series. I cannot highlight enough that how much i love this game, and this community. Sometimes it's hard to help for everybody, but it feels great after all. After summer i'll re-release the Part Ordering, you guys deserve it, but please try to take it easy!

Thanks for the reading, have a nice day/night/evening


-Always write your post in World or txt file. The in-game post creating don't let you insert links and stuffs. Better if you edit the text after you
release the build.

-Your text will be more cool if you use website formatting tricks

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    46.0k Phantomium

    hello there neighbor

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    @BraggyCorporation it's not a problem but it's recommend if you want to a step forward with yot9

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    my cars usually have no interior, is that a problem?

    1.4 years ago
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    @BdidiCorps maybe... You will see :D

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    @TakicraftCorporation Ok , I Think it'll be a mini Racecar? Who Know.. =D

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    @BdidiCorps i don't know yet. Let it be a surprise. All i can say it will be something less civillian... In the summer i'll upload some smaller stuffs.

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    @TakicraftCorporation when is The Next Car episode? :D

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    @DPSAircraftManufacturer oh don't worry i will 😀

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    @CrashFighter05 Competition, huh? interesting... 😀😀😀

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    23.9k NoGoCars

    sniff sniff "Do I smell competition?"

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