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WW-1 Bomber Challenge winners Announced

4,202 MrShenanigans  yesterday

1st Place MufazzalCorporation plane link

Looks 45 points

Details 25 points

Fuctionalitys 27 points

Total 85 points

2nd Place FearlessAce plane link

Looks 30 points

Details 15 points

Fuctionality 20 points

Total 65 points

3rd Place LieutenantSOT plane link

Looks 33 points

Details 21 points

Funtionality 17 points

Total 61 points

4th Place Simplememes plane link

Looks 10

Details 17

Functionality 13

Total 40 points (no offense)

5th Place jediWolf plane link

Looks 15

Details 12

Functionality 10

Total 39 points (also no offense)

All the rest no offense the winners conggratulations

Oh uhh heres a something that could give you a good time