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The Stuntpark Times, January 8th, 2021

138 RepublicOfStuntpark  3 months ago

Welcome to the Stuntpark Times, the Republic of Stuntpark's first, and only, newspaper.

Radiation Crisis Info:
- Cleanup Progress: 75% complete
-Total square miles of area affected: 511
-Current number of radiation sickness victims: 2,500+


Spencer Hanfad Wins Election by a Total of 10 Votes, First Senatorial to be Elected in the Last 30 Years
In the weeks leading up to Election Day, most of the candidates had either given up, or been voted out of the election. The only two candidates remaining were PotatoJenkins1(Presidential Party), and former Sawraze representative Spencer Hanfad (Senatorial Party). On January 2nd and 3rd, PotatoJenkins1 was leading the election by a total of 3 islands, and nearly 400/650 votes. Then suddenly, around 12:00 P.M., votes for Hanfad rose from 250 votes, to 386 votes. At the end of election day, Hanfad had won the election, being the first Senatorial to do so in nearly 30 years. PotatoJenkins1 will leave office in a month, and the Senatorial Party will have nearly complete control of the government.

Sea Trials for the ROSN's New Carrier Begin, Despite the Ongoing Radiation Crisis
On October 18th, 2020, a 10 kiloton crude nuclear device (Dirty Bomb) was detonated in Silkhaven, Republic island. The following nuclear fallout caused severe damage to our infrastructure and economy, and the cleanup efforts are still ongoing. Despite this, the Navy is determined to finish working on their newest Aircraft Carrier, the ROSN Rosner. Construction finished around December 20th, but sea trials were delayed until this month, for obvious reasons. Any other information about the carrier wasn't given, and attempts to ask about the trials resulted in failure.

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    The YBR will send aid to Silkhaven using refitted I-1s (to gather research) and 5 C-200s for emergency aid.

    3 months ago
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    18.4k NexusGaming

    we'll send some modified D-11Bs to scan for radiation, NH-880 helicopters with supplies for your citizens and other stuff

    3 months ago