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YouTurd rewind

14.4k Sm10684  one month ago

I’m going to get right into it

YouTube rewind this year was definitely better than last year but it was much more lazier
Yes, it did include much more creators (Who were actually important) but so some of them no one even knew

It’s not necessarily bad it really just is a glorified top 10 video
It already has 3.6 million dislikes which it probably doesn’t deserve that again, it doesn’t deserve The 1.7 million likes That it Got seriously, anyone could’ve made this I think it would be better if youtube just skipped this year

Now we have a bunch of you tubers saying

OoH iM iN ReWiNd....

Which I know no one really cares

A major highlight in it Is that it does have PewDiePie and Marzia‘s wedding

Worst of all it has jelly

Because of Jelly’s reputation for Clickbaiting Things YouTube used one of his older videos

They did put YouTube rewind 2018 and 2019 because it was the most disliked video on YouTube
they used the quote in 2018 we made something you didn’t like so let’s see what you DID like

This is the first time I’ve really commented on anything so tell me what you think down below

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    1,930 Davisplanez

    @communisticbanana XD so true!

    +1 one month ago
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    It's a watch mojo video without a voiceover.

    +4 one month ago
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    @Sm10684 probably

    one month ago
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    14.4k Sm10684

    Tbh probably more than 2% (it just be lik that) @Thelegitpilot13

    one month ago
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    I found it enjoyable that it gave users who wouldn’t be known otherwise a bit of the spotlight. I did like it, but I do believe that this video is pretty lazy for a Rewind video. Nevertheless, I think we all got scarred by 2018, and some people (maybe 2%) disliked it without watching it because of 2018’s failure.

    +2 one month ago
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    34.3k AdlerSteiner

    Mojo Rewind

    +5 one month ago
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    I watch jt an di know that enes batur who was featured is an extreme clickbaited

    one month ago
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    39.0k Awsomur

    It wasn’t better at all. 2018 was at least laughably bad. This was unwatchable.

    +3 one month ago
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    9,732 CruzerBlade

    @Gameboi14 if youtube can even survive 2020
    Cough COPPA cough

    +6 one month ago
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    19.6k Gameboi14

    just wait for YT Rewind 2020

    one month ago
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    I mean technically you can't hat on it because people did like those things, even if it was just WatchMojo without narration. Also a lot of people were saying it was against the rules to put other users' content, however none of the clips were over seven seconds long, making it totally allowed.

    one month ago