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Update v1.10 - Smooth as Glass

Dev WNP78  27 days ago


  • Added Glass Fuselage part. This supports transparency, as well as hiding its front and back faces when connected to other glass parts. The glass will also shatter instead of exploding like other parts do. For some info on how to tweak it's material to make it look nice, check the part's description text by clicking/tapping on it in the parts list.
    Glass teaser shot
  • Added "Smooth Front" and "Smooth Back" options to fuselages. This alters the surface normals to make the shading of the joint appear seamless, without changing the actual shape of the parts. For this to work, there has to be another fuselage connected to the front or back connector and lined up.
    Smoothing teaser shot
  • Added an explosionScale XML attribute to bombs and missiles (inlcudes torpedos). Default values are:

    • Boom 25: 0.8

    • Boom 50: 1.6

    • Torpedo: 0.8

    • Inferno : 1

    • Cleaver : 1.8

    • Guardian: 1

    • Interceptor: 1

  • Added 4 input expressions (Funky Trees) variables:

    • TargetSelected, true if there is a target selected, otherwise false.

    • TargetHeading, the heading to the selected target in degrees.

    • TargetElevation, the vertical angle to the selected target in degrees.

    • TargetDistance, the distance to the selected target in metres.

  • Added a setting on iOS to change the framerate limit. (vSync already overrides the framerate limit on all other platforms)


  • Upgraded to Unity 2019.4.8 (LTS).
  • Turned down physics update in the designer (there's not even any physics in the designer, so hey) for a small-ish FPS boost.
  • By popular demand, allowed blueprint images to be shown while taking craft screenshots for an upload.
  • Added Toggle Fast Forward input.
  • Added support for the iOS Files App.
  • Added a fuseInput parameter to cannons to set shell fuse on FT.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with connections that could lead to craft not loading in the designer - if you have any saved craft that would fail to load, try loading them again now.
  • Fixed bug with using the rate of the speed of the aircraft in input expressions.
  • Air-to-Air cannon prediction now disables when predictor quality set to off.
  • Fixed string comparison in input expressions on mobile platforms.
  • Orthographic keybind (default "C") disables when control is held, so it is not activated when trying to Ctrl+C.
  • Casting from number to boolean in input expressions is now consistent across platforms (now it evaluates to n>0).
  • Fixed some FT values on scaled cockpits - this could affect existing craft, if they have active stability programs and squashed cockpits.
  • Using speed variables in input expressions on AI craft now return correct values.
  • Fixed a bug in overload with default part scales.
  • Fixed a bug where the magnet would stop working when the aircraft fired a weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where the magnet may not work when set to AG 8 and within close proximity to an object on start.
  • Fixed FT = operator not working on mobile (SelectedWeapon, boolean comparison).
  • Fixed "MultiRole" attribute not working on missiles.

Note: The Mac App Store version is not yet available. We ran into some technical issues but hope to have it available next week.

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  • Profile image
    472 Leftybar

    you can ask why

    an hour ago
  • Profile image
    472 Leftybar

    @WNP78, hey for the next update because your one of the devs I think, could you a logic into the game

    1 hours ago
  • Profile image

    Yeah, ober on SR2 i think they have astonauts now @Kakhikotchauri1

    +1 4 days ago
  • Profile image

    But if tou cant find it at all heres the code for your remastered rancho: i1hzO7 @Leftybar

    4 days ago
  • Profile image

    The address bar is at the top of your screen. I'm on mobile too so would know @Leftybar

    4 days ago
  • Profile image
    472 Leftybar

    @WNP78 Also im on mobile so

    6 days ago
  • Profile image
    472 Leftybar

    @WNP78 Also, someone needs to get camodo gaming to play SIMPLEPLANES, my creations aren't the best but are pretty awesome

    6 days ago
  • Profile image
    472 Leftybar

    @WMP78 Um...hate to be annoying,I'm sorry....where is the address bar, im literally looking for it on the creations I've built and I can't find it

    6 days ago
  • Profile image
    472 Leftybar

    @WNP78 Thats mine, correct, and its on the address bar.... let me find it first

    6 days ago
  • Profile image
    Dev WNP78

    @Leftybar it's not an IP, it's just the 6 digit code you see in the address bar, it looks like this: q0pa1x.

    6 days ago
  • Profile image
    472 Leftybar

    @WNP78 Well, I don't know the IP or whatever its called to be able to redirect it, do you know the IP's of both The Rancho and Sirius Remastered IP's, if you do know about that portion, plz tell me

    7 days ago
  • Profile image
    Dev WNP78

    @Leftybar click the down arrow that's above the description, then press "edit redirect"

    7 days ago
  • Profile image
    472 Leftybar

    How do I redirect everyone from a creation, like how do I make it so if some one sees my post called the bolin rancho, but I have a remastered version, how do I redirect everyone from the old creation to the new creation

    8 days ago
  • Profile image

    This update may be small but it is decent, But when my chromebook updated for some reason my frames dropped significantly. I hope the next update can fix this.

    11 days ago
  • Profile image

    this the smallest update I'm starting to think there gonna aboundon this game and just focus on simplerockets honesty ay enjoy simpleplanes more than simple rockets

    13 days ago
  • Profile image

    @LordAidanYT try to disable the aircraft collision of the engines because the engine somehow collide with the bombs even if there far away from the bombs

    13 days ago
  • Profile image
    1,734 AndrePlaysSP

    @WNP78 trailer video? Where?

    15 days ago
  • Profile image

    OMG I made a nuke and it yeeted my plane and the AA convoy!

    15 days ago
  • Profile image
    2,736 LordAidanYT

    @MASTERDUMBO it doesn’t have props...

    +2 15 days ago
  • Profile image
    1,602 e_soup

    When is the 1.10 update trailer coming out

    +1 15 days ago
  • Profile image

    Seriously, someone help me. I have an IPad but I cannot update SimplePlanes to version 1.10. Instead, it just stays version 1.9.205.

    16 days ago
  • Profile image

    thats how ay fix my plane

    17 days ago
  • Profile image

    @LordAidanYT try to disable the aircraftcollusion of the prop engine

    17 days ago
  • Profile image
    2,736 LordAidanYT

    When I try and drop explosives on any plane, they just simply explode upon dropping them, unless I use a detacher and activate it to drop the bombs

    18 days ago
  • Profile image

    How do i get it on my game.

    19 days ago
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