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Update v1.10 - Smooth as Glass

Dev WNP78  1.2 years ago


  • Added Glass Fuselage part. This supports transparency, as well as hiding its front and back faces when connected to other glass parts. The glass will also shatter instead of exploding like other parts do. For some info on how to tweak it's material to make it look nice, check the part's description text by clicking/tapping on it in the parts list.
    Glass teaser shot
  • Added "Smooth Front" and "Smooth Back" options to fuselages. This alters the surface normals to make the shading of the joint appear seamless, without changing the actual shape of the parts. For this to work, there has to be another fuselage connected to the front or back connector and lined up.
    Smoothing teaser shot
  • Added an explosionScale XML attribute to bombs and missiles (inlcudes torpedos). Default values are:

    • Boom 25: 0.8

    • Boom 50: 1.6

    • Torpedo: 0.8

    • Inferno : 1

    • Cleaver : 1.8

    • Guardian: 1

    • Interceptor: 1

  • Added 4 input expressions (Funky Trees) variables:

    • TargetSelected, true if there is a target selected, otherwise false.

    • TargetHeading, the heading to the selected target in degrees.

    • TargetElevation, the vertical angle to the selected target in degrees.

    • TargetDistance, the distance to the selected target in metres.

  • Added a setting on iOS to change the framerate limit. (vSync already overrides the framerate limit on all other platforms)


  • Upgraded to Unity 2019.4.8 (LTS).
  • Turned down physics update in the designer (there's not even any physics in the designer, so hey) for a small-ish FPS boost.
  • By popular demand, allowed blueprint images to be shown while taking craft screenshots for an upload.
  • Added Toggle Fast Forward input.
  • Added support for the iOS Files App.
  • Added a fuseInput parameter to cannons to set shell fuse on FT.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with connections that could lead to craft not loading in the designer - if you have any saved craft that would fail to load, try loading them again now.
  • Fixed bug with using the rate of the speed of the aircraft in input expressions.
  • Air-to-Air cannon prediction now disables when predictor quality set to off.
  • Fixed string comparison in input expressions on mobile platforms.
  • Orthographic keybind (default "C") disables when control is held, so it is not activated when trying to Ctrl+C.
  • Casting from number to boolean in input expressions is now consistent across platforms (now it evaluates to n>0).
  • Fixed some FT values on scaled cockpits - this could affect existing craft, if they have active stability programs and squashed cockpits.
  • Using speed variables in input expressions on AI craft now return correct values.
  • Fixed a bug in overload with default part scales.
  • Fixed a bug where the magnet would stop working when the aircraft fired a weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where the magnet may not work when set to AG 8 and within close proximity to an object on start.
  • Fixed FT = operator not working on mobile (SelectedWeapon, boolean comparison).
  • Fixed "MultiRole" attribute not working on missiles.

Note: The Mac App Store version is not yet available. We ran into some technical issues but hope to have it available next week.

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    2,444 Formula350

    @Leftybar Better late than never.... heh
    Try clicking each Wing and then opening the Configuration for it. (Gear on the right side of the screen)
    Change any VERTICALLY ALIGNED wing on the car so that they are now configured as "Symmetrical".
    (vertically aligned, such as any being used as a body panel or vertical stabilizer; the Tail Fin parts are set to Symmetrical by default for this reason.)
    My GUESS as to why you're pulling to the right is because they're "Semi-Symmetrical" by default and due to how you installed some of them, they may all be "facing" the same way.
    So if my guess is correct, as a result, the "Lift" being produced by the vertically aligned wings was to the left-side of them all, causing it to push you to the right. Changing it to Symmetrical then produces equal force on both sides, negating the 'pull'.
    ALTERNATIVELY... It might be a simple derp by SimplePlanes during any Mirror action. Sometimes I experience that where a part I've modified (specifically with Fine Tuner mod) has been mirrored but not attached at the same snap point as the other side. As a result it causes my craft to be Asymmetrical and has more Drag on one side, making it have a constant yaw|pitch|roll (case dependent) while in operation.
    (In those scenarios the solution is that I have to manually do everything I did on the one side, to the other. Placing whatever it may be on the same original snap point, then moving it with Fine Tuner over to where it was when mirrored.)
    Hope that helps you, or, someone else at least... heh
    (edit: oof, parsing multiple carriage returns sure does breaks my rambling heart! lol)

    6 months ago
  • Profile image
    7,962 Kangy

    right now, only for muzzle velocity of course @ThomasRoderick

    +3 10 months ago
  • Profile image
    7,962 Kangy

    @ThomasRoderick ahhhh gotcha, yeah bullet drop works on cannons

    +1 10 months ago
  • Profile image

    @Kangy I'm talking about the sound volume goshdarnit! Pretty sure the bullet drop (except by changing the muzzle velocity) on cannons isn't something you can XML as of yet anyways.

    +1 10 months ago
  • Profile image
    7,962 Kangy

    @ThomasRoderick Bullets and stuff fired from wing guns and mini guns have zero weight, at least from memory, hence why there's no bullet drop

    10 months ago
  • Profile image

    Suddenly started wondering when we can have whay's basically launchVolume function on wing guns and miniguns...

    10 months ago
  • Profile image
    13.0k Urocyon

    If this has already been asked elsewhere, sorry... but will we ever get hollow glass blocks? It'd be incredibly useful...

    +1 10 months ago
  • Profile image
    9,639 BreadCarbs

    Will there be more updates?

    +2 10 months ago
  • Profile image
    Dev WNP78

    @JoshuaW You don't need to convince me that this is all stuff that I want added, I have thought the same for a long time. It's just if we get to it or other things take priority, because there are a lot of other things. So I can't guarantee anything sadly.

    +1 10 months ago
  • Profile image
    32.1k JoshuaW

    Funky tree has greatly increased the possibility of the game indeed, while its limits are also obvious.
    A set of global custom variables would be great for shorting code lengths and achieving more capability:
    8 double variables named from cv0 to cv7 (hence no need to define), set values in a single block, and can be used by all other parts (read only).

    Also, I wish there were more math funtions such as 3d vector calculation (dot product, cross product), typing these calculations by whole is really painful.

    +1 10 months ago
  • Profile image
    314 Grey1

    For the next update, will there be tank tracks? I got tank build I've been working on and every is set minus the tracks since there are none in-game?

    +2 10 months ago
  • Profile image
    270 Ghost8831

    Building planes would be better if you can add these smoothing connections to some old but usefull parts like the round corner block, corner block, hemisphere, and sphere to enhance the shading like it is fused in a fuselage... Just a suggestion

    +2 one year ago
  • Profile image

    Can you guys add a weapons bay fuselage and an interior designer for aircraft building? That would be cool if you add it in v1.10 or v.1.11 !

    +1 one year ago
  • Profile image
    25.5k UltraLight

    @WNP78 oh cool! Might be helpful to pin, a lot of people could find use from that!

    one year ago
  • Profile image

    @WNP78 Sweet! Thank you so much!

    one year ago
  • Profile image
    Dev WNP78


    <Missile explosionScale="1.0" function="AirToAir" lockTime="5" minRange="1000" maxRange="15000" maxTargetingAngle="8" maxSpeed="1400" maxFuelTime="40" maxForwardThrustForce="20000" maxHeadingAngleAdjustmentRate="30" maxVelocityAngleAdjustmentRate="15" proximityDetonationRangeMin="8" proximityDetonationRangeMax="15" waterproof="false" ignitionDelay="0"/>


    <Missile explosionScale="1.0" function="AirToAir" lockTime="3" minRange="0" maxRange="8100" maxTargetingAngle="20" maxSpeed="1200" maxFuelTime="30" maxForwardThrustForce="15000" maxHeadingAngleAdjustmentRate="60" maxVelocityAngleAdjustmentRate="35" proximityDetonationRangeMin="8" proximityDetonationRangeMax="15" waterproof="false" ignitionDelay="0"/>


    <Missile explosionScale="1.0" function="AirToSurface" lockTime="5" minRange="0" maxRange="7000" maxTargetingAngle="10" maxSpeed="450" maxFuelTime="30" maxForwardThrustForce="15000" maxHeadingAngleAdjustmentRate="40" maxVelocityAngleAdjustmentRate="25" proximityDetonationRangeMin="8" proximityDetonationRangeMax="15" waterproof="false" ignitionDelay="0"/>


    <Missile explosionScale="1.8" function="AirToSurface" lockTime="5" minRange="2000" maxRange="16100" maxTargetingAngle="10" maxSpeed="200" maxFuelTime="400" maxForwardThrustForce="36000" maxHeadingAngleAdjustmentRate="15" maxVelocityAngleAdjustmentRate="10" proximityDetonationRangeMin="5" proximityDetonationRangeMax="10" waterproof="false" ignitionDelay="0"/>

    +7 one year ago
  • Profile image

    @WNP78 sorry to bother you, I have a question. Do you happen to know the default xml values for all the 4 missiles in the game? It will be a great help if I would know. Thanks!

    +2 one year ago
  • Profile image
    757 Leftybar

    @WNP78 Also why for pc, when I press ` or ~, why does it pull up i think a dev console.

    one year ago
  • Profile image
    757 Leftybar

    @WNP78 Hey. For the next update you make, can you make sure to fix for airplane wings to fix the center of lift... I'm building a rally car for a challenge, and so for one of the problems of the car being with it jumping to high and causing problems when jumping. So I threw on a bunch of wing pieces for some down force, it did well but it started to turn right, i thought it was a weight isue, until i realized that the CoL (center of lift) was all the way on the right side of the car... AND ALL OF THE WING PIECES WERE EVEN AND WASN'T OFF CENTER... I found out with the spliter that i had for some reason would always have the center of mas be on one of the spliter, and I swear to god I was so confused. Though I do have a question, do you have any tips for me to fix the problem, or can you fix the problem in the next update

    one year ago
  • Profile image
    757 Leftybar

    Its a call of duty black ops referance in the campaign, just search call of duty black ops mason meme

    +2 one year ago
  • Profile image
    40.1k KnightOfRen

    I dont get it

    one year ago
  • Profile image
    757 Leftybar

    @KnightOfRen, you might not get this reference but..."The numbers...What are they saying"

    +1 one year ago
  • Profile image
    40.1k KnightOfRen

    thanks you devs for making t̸ḩi͘s͟ g͐̇ͮͦ͆ͦ͛̈͟͏͎͕a̷̱̩̗̓ͧ̑͜m̤̠̹̼̆͆̈́̆̉̾ͤ͐̆̕̕ẽ̶̹͓͉̯̜̤̣͗ͮ̍̌ͧ͑͌͘͡ͅ ạ̴̴̵͓ͤ̉̐̾ͮͯ͗ͥ̄ͫ́͠ͅń̷̜̝̩̭͙̈̒̋͂ͧ͗̍̈́̽͋ͯ͐͆̒̔͑̌̈́͘͢͟d̴͛͋̂͑̀ͫ̍̾̒̎̍͝͏̡̰̖̺̤̳͕̭̰̺͔̺̲̀ g̶̮̞͍̗͍̻̠̯̺͚͎̥̤͇̮͆̋ͬ̅̏ͩ̔ͤ͛͐̿ͯͤͣ̽́ͅͅȋ̶̛̮͚̘̣͖̠͙͔̣̼̈́ͬͥͯ̆͋̌̂̂̓̽͜v̵̢̨͉̗̫̹͔̪̙̞̩͕̩͕̩̗ͭ̈ͨ̑̂ͥ̓͊͌̚͝ͅi̵̢̠̻͉̙̼̖̥̼͗ͩ̽̈́̽ͭͭ̿ͧͮ̓̈̀ͅn̜̲͔̲̖̞̤̣̦̩̈ͥ̔ͬ̎̐ͪ̈́͆͑̒͐͂͐͡ǧ̨͑́̽͟͞͡҉̥̘̪̖̠͎̙̦̰̖ ̙̱͉̪̻̠̣͍̞̻͒ͩ̐̿͆ͮͯͤ͑͢͟m̧̝̮̤̹̫̠͓̱̱̟͎͔͍͙̓ͥ͋͑̈ͣͩ̐̾ͨ̎͒́̐̚͜͠͝ͅå͗̔̂ͥ͏̧̥̼̠̤̦̼͍̤̥͔̖̪͜͟n̘̘͙͉̭̰̠͕͍̖̤͗͛ͧ̒̃͛ͪ̒͗̔̍͊͆ͬ͑͑̓̕͘y̶̶̛̞̮͕̤͚̯͉̬͇̟͓̜̝̘͆ͤ̃̄̈́̏̂ͩ̚͢ ̢ͮ̔̀ͦ̃̓͊ͪ̋͑ͪ͌̋̈ͪ̔̑ͪ͜͏̛̮̥̜͙̗͖͚̭͕͙̫ͅͅp̨̦̝̙͎̳̪͙ͯ̈́ͭͭ̋̏͒̋͂͊̒̓ͬ̀ͨ̋͘͞͝ͅę̴̢̪̤͖͙̳̫̞͖̣͍͔̩͔͔̞̂͌͆͛̉͗̀͡ŏͮͣ̓ͬ̊͒̉̄̄ͮ̈́́̅̿̓̏́͘͏̻̞̮̺̠͔̱͔͉͈́͢p̨̼̬̻̬̜͈͍͕͍̭̻̯̟̼͕̹̈̅̍ͥ͛̈́̔̊ͪͩ͌̊̊̀̚͡l̴̛͙͎͇͔̦̭̞̥̾͑ͮ̍̈͑ͮ̏̄͂ͧ̂͊̽ͥͮ́̚ͅe̴̷̵̹̘̪̰̘̗̣͉͕̬͓̘̲̱̯̖͔͐̋͂̌̒͌̾͛́̀͜ͅͅ ̸͍̹̯̖͈̏ͩͥ͌͒̒ͥ̒̓̄͌ͤ̒ͯ̀͢a̧͓̭̪͈͈̳̤͍͎͙̳̬̮̒̐ͬ̾͆̀͞ ̀̂͊̅̃̄͒͛ͭ̌̌ͪ̚҉̷̙̬̳͎̭͈͈͍̞͈͙͟͝g̵̨̡̳̤͓̙͗͒̍̾͞o̷̝̠̺͇̲̫̙̘̣̾̽͑̍̀ͮ͛̋͌̀͜o̴̴̴̳̝̰̰̠̓̐́̓̂ͫͭͪ͑ͤ͂ͯ̇ͩ̋ͤ̈̚͜͠d̡̨̼̩̜̥̮̬̞̺̰̐ͦ̾̓͋ͩ̆͊͐̉̾ͩ̃̚͢͞ͅ ̷͔͙̼̩̗̰̹̹̟͎͔̬̘̲ͬ̀ͨͤ͋͒͋̍͐͜͝ͅe̷̘̦͍͔̼̗̠͍̣̘̱̘̗̞͇̣̜͂̒ͨ̂̅ͣ̌̎ͨ̈̂̇̎̑̚͡͠͡͞x̸͉̰̯͍͚̱̝̻͕͍̯̲̗͖͈͕̓̾͒ͧ̓ͭ̾́͗ͨ̉̍͆̋ͥ̋̚ͅp̶̿ͫͥ̚͏̘̣͓͞ͅë̴̵̸͇̹͓̝̲̖́ͬ͌ͪ͋͐͋̅̎ͫ͒̈́̀ͪ͗͌͛͆͝r̨̛͎̞̩̥͙̟̖͈̘̼̫̦͕͕ͭ̓ͮ̊͌̅ͯ̔̎͠͞͠i̸̤̻̼̙̣̮͔̿ͮͨ̅̇͒ͯ̀͠ê͑ͩ͋̈͗̈ͥ̒͘͏̨҉̗̤̘̯̲̮̀ṋ̴̙͖̼͇̩̮͍̮̳̩͖̰̠̹̺̣̄ͩ͋͐ͨ̆͒ͦͦͨ͝ȃ̸̢̧̳̤̣̗̘̞̟͂̆̈́͑ͦͨ̊̏̋̋̽ͦ̃̀͝f̸̘̣͇̝̗̺̱̙̘̯͔̼̲͈͕̫̖̞ͣ̋̇̓ͭ͆̀̍̔͡a̞̼͇̳̫̻̹͓̅̍ͣ͋́͘͜͢f͊̓͗̔͆͐̀͠͏̺̱̪͈͇̖̞̹͈k̢̗͉̲̠̣ͪ̐̎ͬͩ͆͗̂̏̋ͨͮ͗̑͂̑͐̎͘j̶̶̝̠̘̳̘͙̤̳̦̟̳̣̩̫̥̺̊̌͋ͧ͡s̲̭̤̻̣̮̝̹̝̹̾ͧͭͦ̾ͧ̀̃̏ͫ͂̌͂͢k̈́͒́ͧͨͮ̎҉̶̴̡̤̦̲̻̮̥͇͚̕f̢̩͔͖̙̯͍̖̲̖͎̤̂̅̀̂̅ͥ̑̄̇̃̌ͦ̀͜ͅͅj̡̡̧̠̹̺̳ͫͩͫ̀̆͊͛͑ͫ͛̂͗̈́ͣͪ̍͘͞s̴̶̛͙̘̬̱̭̥͔̭̳͙̦̝̱͎̾͐̑̃̾ͣ̈̑̿̕ͅḵ̷̢̖͍̣͉̲̜̦̹͇̘̼̳̗͔̟̦͊̿̋̄̾ͧ̒͋ͩ̍̋̆͒̃ͬ̈́̅͆͒̕̕ḁ̢̛͇͙̳̟̙̞̳͎͇͙͈̲̒̈̐̃͡j̲̤̣̘͍̭͙̗̤̼̬̲̣̬͓̳̝͈ͥ̿̓̑ͮͬͤ̀͐͑͛̆̌̈́ͮ̀̚̚͘̕͡͞f͗̉ͩ́̓ͭ͑͌ͥ̓̓̊̊̏ͭ͏̧͉̦̩͙̝͖͇̱͡ͅḳ̬̘̝̭̩̥̤̃ͧ̉̋̋ͦ͑ͭ̋͂͐ͩ̚͘͠j̷̨̛̜̼͎̱̝͎̗̆̆̉ͥͣͨͫ̋͗̍̀̿ͨ̚̚͟͜g̨̗̲̟̣͔̳͈̱̃̉ͮ̓͆̓̇͗̂ͤ͋̿ͧ̌ͨͩ̽̐͟͠͝k̇ͫ̐͛͐͂ͭ̾ͫ͋̀̐̉̅̊ͩ̀҉҉̟̥̺͖̖̖̫̠̹͞ŕ̡̺̰̠̰̤̟̭̭͍̞̜̈́̐̿ͨ͌ͣ̇̌͆͐̂͒ͥ͆͊͐ͫͮ͟͟͡ͅ6̶̥̭̮̜̟͕̞̘̏͆ͯ͌͊͊͂̂ͣ̾ͯͥͤ̓̿͋́͢͝7̸̬͙̟̼̭̥̊̆̾͊ͬ̓̀̍͐͌͋̆ͤ͊̉̿͝g̸̲̙̺͈͓̺̱̻͚̣̗͇̟̺̭͍̝̍͛͆ͭ̕̕͝ͅͅķ̴̷̴̲̯̤̣̫̟̘̲̄̅͗̽͞s̟̻̺̞͍̪̞͔̳ͧ̄ͧͬ͛̐ͮ̅́̇ͨ̏̚͜͠ͅͅn̊͗͌ͪ̕͡҉͓̜͔̠̞̞̩̰k̨̞̺̤͚ͮ̉̑̍͗͘̕ǵ̸̼̦̤͓̝͚̠̞͈̪̳̤̑̓͛́ͨͧ̑ͩ̈͆͊͟j̬̠̲͉̜̗̖̻͚̫̲̙͎̞̲̰̗̰̓̃̑̉̍͒ͫ̈ͧ͜͡r̷̷̢̛̟̯̰͓̩̹̭͖̻̥̗͚̲̱̭̘͑̈́ͪͧ̎͑̏͌͌̓͒ͣ͂ͥ́͌̈ͅg̵̡̗̩̻͙͙̣̳̣̲̩͍̮̘̺̗̣̿̓̔ͬ̽ͥ̈ͪ̀̿̎͊ͨ̽̅͘͞n̳̲̳̹̞̟͓͍̼͈͖̤̒̉ͪ̿̍̾ͥ̒͛͆̐ͮ̀ͭ͆̅̀̚͟ͅͅs̃̋̽ͭͪ̋͏̶̯͉͈̲͕k̏͗̀̋̒̀͞҉̦͚͓̞̪̣̘2̶͂̃̄̃̿̈́ͬ̎ͮͧ̏ͥ̆ͤͦ̍̀͏̵̬̲̻̻͜ͅͅj̧̨͚̼͎̣̖̠̟͚͍̖͓̤̝͈͙͍̹̽̐̄̌̅̚͡ͅn̶̠̼̦̭̞̗͖̙ͩ̊͛͗̀̆͢͟v̵̶̢̳̠̺̤̭̰̮͚̞͍̐ͬ̿̅ͪ̚̕͜j̤̖͈̭̟̣͈̞̻̝͇̒̔̾̇̓͌̏ͪ̈́́̑̌̕͞͠sͣ̈̇̍͊̊̅̀ͨͩͧ̎̀ͫͧ͛ͧ͂̏͏͖̗͕͓̦̤k̶̶̨̺͖̲̘̦̖̣͙̤̞͛ͧ̒̀͐ͪ̆̾͊͑͑̐͊͑̎̚v͕̝̝͖̞̩̺̗̺̅̈́̇ͣ̀ͤ͊̅ͨͯ̂͋͗̓̄ͣͩ̅̀͝ḋ̶͈̮̪͎͔͙̲͂ͪ͛̚̕͞͡6̧̨͈̤̳̞̥̜̯̲̤ͩͭ̍͐̀̋̓ͩ͘0͌̍̃̉͛̈̂͢͞҉̙̣̤̠̯͈̫̫͓̣͓͇͕̝͡a̷̡̡̬̰̰ͭ̆̑̋̅̽̈͑ͯ͊ͥ͒̍̃͡͞ͅ0̷̵͓̹̘̻͙̀ͯ̅ͮ͛̀̃̋̓̎ͫ͒̀̚̕͠ͅ9̘̯̮̼̟̠̗̤̲̞͓̦̤͍̙̼̆̈ͣ̔͗̈́͢rͩ̀ͮ̿̀̉̈ͣ̑̈́̅ͤ͂̓ͤ̎̓̚͜͏̵̸̬̻̜͙͙̼ẅ̶̷̛̰̻͓̯̺͍̳̣̫̣͚̻̖̜̹́̀ͩ̀ͦͤ̆̈̾ͮ̈͆̐̔̑ͫ͋̓͠0̳̪͎̟̟̤̳̺̪ͥ̊ͭ̀̇ͧ́͂́͜͡4̸̧̱̦̤͙̰͈̲̯̖̄̄̽͗ͩ͜͟q̵̢̛̯̟̤̺̖͖̱̭̫̜͉͈͆̇́̂̂̅̒́̏̈͆ͪͦ͂̌́ͬ͞2ͨ̎

    one year ago
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    757 Leftybar

    just the android not simpleplanes

    one year ago
  • Profile image
    757 Leftybar

    @LyteGacha93 No no need to have your android on version 1.8, not having to be on version 1.8 for simpleplanes

    1.1 years ago
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