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Hi Everyone!

I am 17 years old high school student from Turkey.

Unnecessary Information Section:


  • I love modelling in sp cuz im interested in 3d printing as well. Already printed "Ibuki".

  • As you can understand from my profile pic, i love anime and anime games.

  • I am also trying to learn Cinema4D, sadly i don't have good computer to render so i can't make huge stuffs.

  • I can speak Turkish (as expected), English and little bit of German. Trying to learn Japanese atm.

  • You can find me literally everywhere by typing "Mekomara", my real nick.

  • Im a naval history geek. Ask me anything you want.

  • My favorite game is Simpleplanes but im playing World of Warships and Azur Lane most of time. Sometimes playing chill games and RTS as well.

  • I listen music for ridiculously much, more than 6 hours a day.

aaaand thats all, i guess.

Follow me!




Im a Shipbuilder


Currently Building:

  • Lider Class Destoyer (Stopped working, learning Funky Trees atm)

To Do List:

  • 16"/50 caliber Mark 7 gun (Iowa gun)
  • 41 cm/45 3rd Year Type naval gun (Nagato and Amagi gun)